Coupon Codes

Here we will be adding the most popular coupon codes, discounts and deals for everything vapor: e cigs, e-juice and vaporizers.

Ways To Save Money With E Cigs

Smokers will have heard that vaping is cheaper than smoking, and that is one reason to switch to electronic cigarettes. If it is already cheaper to use e cigs, why would clients need to think of ways to save even more money? Electronic cigarettes are overpriced to start with, that’s why, but smart shoppers know where to find discounts and savings.

Save Money: Some Simple Tips

Below we will be looking at a number of methods to reduce the cost of vaping so it is not just cheaper than smoking; it is truly affordable. Although the smoking habit can be financially burdensome and vaping is supposed to reduce costs, e cigs can be almost as expensive if customers are not shopping carefully. At the very least, they will be spending more money than they need to.

To reduce their outlay, clients can:

• Find online coupons
• Sign up for rewards
• Choose e liquid
• Shop around
• Choose the right batteries
• Buy in volume

There are probably other ways customers have found, but these are half a dozen considerations to get you started on the road to financial freedom.

Look for Online Coupons

E cig companies publish coupon codes for new customers as a way to entice them to their sites. They usually offer free shipping or a starter-kit discount. These are available on brand websites, from affiliates marketing brands on other websites, and from independent web pages promoting vaping in general. Quote these codes when placing a first order to save a bit of money on the product and maybe receive free shipping.

By the way, if your order is big enough each time, shipping will be free. Keep an eye on those tiny orders and consider combining them at less frequent intervals. If necessary, ask friends to place their order with you so you can all take advantage of cost-free shipments.

Rewarding Detail

Did you notice that most companies now offer reward points to their customers? You are probably accumulating points by shopping without doing anything, but look at some extra ways to earn points. E cig companies want you to review, share, and like their products online. If you do those things, they will add rewards to your account. Sign up for their regular e-newsletter. Refer a friend who then goes on to buy a starter kit and you benefit too.

Don’t forget that affiliate marketing is a way to make money by doing very little work. Anyone with a blog or website which can be connected naturally to the topic of vaping can easily add a banner or coupon code for a preferred brand of e cigs. When a viewer clicks on this item, it takes him to the brand website. If he orders something, the affiliate gets a cut.

Choose E Liquid

If your brand carries blank cartomizers or small clearomizers for refilling with e liquid, buy them. They often hold about the same amount of liquid as a pre-filled cartridge but the cost per/ml is reduced considerably. While the average 1-ml cartomizers cost $2 or more each, e liquid is priced from around $0.45 per ml to $0.80 per ml. Buy bottles from your e cig vendor or shop around: most of the inexpensive ones are fine with your e cig system.

Be sure your clearomizers are fitted properly and are not leaking. Leaks waste your liquid as well as the savings you thought you’d made.

Shop Around

Companies know how to make their devices sound the cheapest or the best value, but it behooves the smart shopper to look at several brands. There are a number of good firms selling 2-battery kits for $30, while most sell for $45 or more. Yet most of these e cigs are of similar quality and are often the same products with different logos.

Manual Batteries

Vapers activate automatic batteries by puffing on them. This causes the coil to heat up, thus producing vapor. To do this, a battery is ready all the time. It never stops working completely. That’s a waste of power. Manual batteries only function when you press a little button which tells the atomizer to heat up. If you own one of each, it’s easy to see the difference in power consumption as the manual needs recharging less frequently than the automatic cell. Buy manual batteries and they will last longer. Also, clean your devices. They work more efficiently this way. Don’t let the charge run out completely before recharging a battery either.

Volume Discounts

Most e cig companies reward customers who plan ahead, buying lots of cartomizers and arranging automatic monthly delivery of refills. The more you buy, the less each unit costs. You see this particularly in the prices of cartomizers and disposables or big bottles of e liquid. If you expect to enjoy the same flavor for a while, buy plenty now and save several dollars. Make arrangements for deliveries to come every 2 to 6 weeks.