Charlie Noble

Since 2014, the masters at Vape Dojo have been blending a high-vegetable glycerin (VG), gourmet juice line known as Charlie Noble. Their new theme takes the team away from Asia and onto the high seas where Charlie Noble was a British merchant ship’s captain.

It is believed that a shiny ship’s galley smokestack is named for this captain and the “galley” (or lab in this case) is where maritime flavors are blended for your consumption. Charlie Noble’s galley is located in Middle River, Maryland.

Two Series

Admiral’s Reserve liquids cost $15.99 for 30 ml. These liquids contain up to 80% VG at 0 mg of nicotine and as little as 71% with 18 mg of nicotine (there are increments between those figures depending on nicotine strengths). The PG (propylene glycol)/VG ratio for each of the other juices is specified with the unique label that accompanies it.

All of these products are relatively high in vegetable glycerin so they would be perfect for cloud chasing with sub-ohm atomizers on high-watt mods. The cheaper series costs $6.99 for 15 ml. Choose from 0 to 18 mg of nicotine.

Admirals ReserveAdmiral’s Reserve Liquids

Good Cookie tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie, unless your tank is not cleaned or wicks are not replaced after a previous flavor. That is not always a bad thing, especially not with such an agile base as this. Leftovers from PB Cereal or Siren Song might give this vapor juice a pleasing complexity.

PB Cereal tastes like its name with the addition of light cream. Pistachio RY4 contains light tobacco, vanilla, caramel, and pistachio. I like to imagine the two flavors together; a match made for the high seas. Finally, recall the best things about summer with a scoop of rich Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream.

The Other Juices

I won’t name them all: the variety at Charlie Noble is, well, noble. They have a Custard containing 72% VG which many people consider to be one of the best custard e juices around.

Commodore Pearry reminds us that pear is a new favorite core flavor and could become the basis for a trend the way custard did a while back. Beantown Vapor blends their pear with banana, but there are many ways to go about it.

Poseidon’s Punch, with 85% VG, tastes like citrus punch (perhaps a certain juice box grown-ups will remember from the 80s and 90s). Siren’s Song at 72% VG combines strawberries and cream: a traditional and popular pairing you are sure to see tried again and again with various results.

Texture and balance differ from brand to brand which goes to show that there is more to making e juice than adding a few drops of strawberry extract and cream flavoring to a flavorless base. Sometimes this is a super-sweet mixture; sometimes it puts you in mind of real, ripe strawberries. This one is creamy for sure which takes the edge out of sweet-sour fruitiness.

My eye was drawn to Tripoli for two reasons. For one thing it’s a tobacco e juice, a rarity among high-VG, gourmet e juices. Tobacco liquids lose some of their potency when there isn’t very much propylene glycol to carry the throat hit (PG is 20% here). Secondly, this combo evokes a warm image with Turkish tobaccos, figs, almonds, and spice. It is a unique, exotic flavor worth trying simply because it’s so different.

More from Charlie Noble

Juices by Charlie Noble (or the men behind the name) are made to the highest standards using cGMP standards. If you like their flavors, try Vape Dojo too. Otherwise, I will draw your attention to prices here. All gourmet brands should be this inexpensive.

Low prices might make you think twice and have you wondering about their quality, but independent sites frequently show that Charlie Noble e liquids are top class and warmly received by the vaping community. Siren’s Song is one of their best and most favored while Charlie’s Custard has won over a big fan base as well. They are sold online at the home site and by many vendors.

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