EGo Batteries

An eGo battery is much like an e cig battery, the 808 type associated with mini cigs. What’s different? For one thing, they are threaded differently so they don’t accept the same vessels. Also, mini cig batteries hold up to 350 mAh (typically more like 240 mAh to 280 mAh) while an eGo usually has a 650 mAh or 1000 mAh capacity (some go as high as 1600 mAh).

You can use an eGo with a clearomizer or a tank but 808 batteries but those pre-filled cartomizers are not typically compatible with eGos. An eGo battery is connected to a larger vessel with the possibility of changing the atomizer head.

Not an APV

Neither one is adjustable beyond a short voltage range: they do not feature up and down buttons to raise or lower volts and watts. Once you start getting into that kind of functionality, you are looking at advanced personal vaporizers which might be 510- or eGo-threaded, capable of high watts, and using sub-ohm tanks.

Variety in eGos

Many devices with different designs and threading are considered “eGos” because they satisfy certain criteria. They are as powerful and large as eGos and operate manually (you have to press a button to make the coil heat up).¬†Their sizes are roughly the same.

Some are pass-through batteries or have knurled knobs at their bases so you can change voltage. Generally, you should pay between $12 and $20 for a single cell without accompanying parts but bundles are cheaper.

Best eGo Batteries: the Brands

JoyeTech originated the eGo form and everything which followed was a copy of that battery design. You do not have to buy JoyeTech eGo batteries to ensure safety such as short-circuit protection, but don’t buy batteries from brands that sound unfamiliar. They might not be lockable, or you’re not getting protection from over-discharge, or doesn’t shut-off when you over-vape (press the battery too long and overheat the battery). Several major e cig companies re-label Joye eGo batteries with their own name which is fine; just don’t pay more for a fancy logo.

Halo, USA

Halo Triton Battery

The Triton is an eGo-style battery sold in starter kits for about $65 with their own tanks. Only the two work together unless you buy an adapter. Threading is proprietary. Users highly recommend this kit because of its durability, and Halo makes it in 4 sizes plus a “Twist” version.

Halo Cigs Triton


VaporFi, USA

Vaporfi Pro E-Cig Colors

VaporFi makes several mid-range batteries and starter kits with compatible tanks and several interchangeable parts. Their Pro series comes in two sizes and several colors. You will notice there isn’t much different between the Pro, eGo, and Evod: just colors, prices, and tank options.

Their Pulse set comes with a circular, wireless charger and a puff-counter. VaporFi is an American company, but their batteries and other equipment are still made in China. A Pro E Cig set costs about $50 but the Pulse starter kit is about twice that price.

Vaporfi eGo Batteries


Aspire, China

Aspire CF G-Power

Another contender for best eGo battery is the Aspire CF series, particularly the simple but convenient 900-mAh pass-through model. It comes with a lot of protective features, but the most unusual thing about it is the carbon fiber exterior which makes it really tough. The CF goes for a higher price tag of around $24. Aspire is best known for their clearomizers and tanks, especially the Nautilus and Atlantis: two rebuildable tanks, the latter of which is a sub-ohm tank.

Aspire Batteries

JoyeTech, China

Joyetech ego-t

This line from the original JoyeTech design includes several sub-models such as the eGo-T, eGo-Pass-through, eGo-C, and eGo-Twist. The Twist was designed so you could adjust voltage using the knob. A pass-through battery can be used while charging: just plug the base into a USB power source.

An eGo-T uses a tank (no filler) while the eGo-C can be attached to a clearomizer with removable coil head. JoyeTech also makes the compatible e juice containers, coils, and sells starter kits as well. This is the winning model because Joye started it all and continues to improve their flagship battery.

Joyetech eGo Batteries


Kanger, China

Kanger evod ecigs

An Evod battery is very similar to an eGo but for the button design. The firing button on an eGo sticks out a little bit and lights up. An Evod button is flat against the battery body. This is a 3.7V regulated battery as well, sold in kits with special sleeved tanks. A VaporFi version of the Evod is known as the Pro Series.

Kanger eGo Batteries


Vision, China

Vision Spinner II Regular

The makers of Vision e cigs have launched a Vapros series which ramps up the power of their regular “Spinner” variable voltage batteries. For years, Vision has been associated with this cell; its reliability and vivid colors. Vision makes a 1300-mAh device sold for around $13 each.

Vision eGo Batteries


777 E Cigs

777 magnum batteries

A Magnum is available in 3 styles: simple manual, digital with screen, and digital with screen and variable voltage. The smallest kit with one battery costs about $40 and, basically, this is an eGo kit. Triple Seven makes several sizes of battery and assorted starter kits.

Stater Kits

Your package will arrive with at least one and possibly two chargers: a USB and a wall charger/adapter. Car charging adapters are optional. If your battery can be used while charging, you will receive a USB charging cord. There will also be a clearomizer or tank plus replacement coils if your tank/clearo is rebuildable.

One-battery kits cost from $15 and up, being cheaper if they are sold in blister kits with just a disposable clearomizer, 650-mAh battery, and USB charger. Swap the clearo for a rebuildable one, add replacement coils, and put the whole kit in a case and you pay about $30. Double kits are not necessarily double the price: maybe $50 to $65.

Buy eGo Batteries

You find that some vendors specialize and sell only high-end, high-power products. They might not carry even a single model of eGo. Certain stores focus on beginners’ products and the eGo is considered a user-friendly model for new vapers. Online prices are great but local vendors offer invaluable knowledge.

Sub Ohm Batteries

Technically, most sub ohm devices are not batteries but mods containing batteries which are either removable by the consumer or not. Some are battery banks, but almost all sub ohm mods are control units powered by 18650 cells or multiple batteries. There are two exceptions I can find if you only count authentic vape batteries: the Aspire CF and Vision High Voltage.

The Aspire CF Battery

Aspire is better known as a maker of high-end tanks like the Nautilus and Atlantis. Their Aspire CF (carbon fiber) is a new 2000-mAh and you can use it with the Atlantis tank. In fact, that is what the Atlantis was made for. Customers can buy a kit containing the 2000-mAh CF and Aspire’s Atlantis tank. The tank offers airflow control, a Pyrex tank, and a sub-ohm build.

The Aspire CF 2000-mAh battery has a nearly square screen showing all pertinent values.

Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery

Inside the threading well there is a spring-loaded connector so, although the Atlantis makes an ideal connection, you can choose a different model like the Kanger Subtank Plus or Smok Vapor Chaser Tank instead. Any 510-threaded tank or RDA will take its place with no trouble. A spring-loaded connector also enhances the stability of your connection.

At the base of the Aspire there are 6 vent holes to reduce the chance of overheating your battery. An LED-lit button glows or blinks depending on what it’s trying to tell you. Watch out for a blue light to indicate you are within a healthy range of 3.5 volts to 4.2 volts. Otherwise, you will see an orange light which shows your battery is at 3.5 volts or less. Maximum output is 40A and minimum resistance for this battery is 0.3 ohms.

If the battery is getting low on power, your orange light will begin to blink. There are protective features: defense against a short circuit, a short-circuited atomizer, over-discharge (when you charge overnight and don’t remove fully charged batteries right away), and low voltage.

In any of these instances, the battery will shut off to prevent damage from occurring. At 3.2V, the Aspire CF will simply go into sleep mode until you recharge the battery with a USB device. You can lock the battery in the “off” position so it will not be fired in your pocket when you twiddle with it while waiting in a line up for your coffee or if a child starts playing around.

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Vision High Voltage Sub-Ohm Vape Battery

The Spinner and Nunchaku are Vision’s best-known products, but they also make a sub ohm battery called the High Voltage.

High Voltage Matrix Sub-Ohm 40W Batteries

This 40-watt battery costs around $35 (roughly the same as an Aspire CF) and measures 94 mm long. It works with 0.25-ohm coils and is charged via micro-USB. Just 4 vent holes are built into the base.

Again, this is a lockable device and protected from the same problems which beset users of the CF and other high-powered batteries. This is a definite step up from the Vision Spinner although the Spinner is pretty in its many metallic colors.

Sub ohm batteries like the Vision High Voltage are perfectly paired with tank atomizers which are designed to handle 40 watts or less, perhaps a maximum of 50 watts. For instance, you could buy the Aspire Atlantis, Kanger Subtank, Sense Herakles, JoyeTech Delta II, or the Matrix Sub Ohm Tank by High Voltage.

In a search for the High Voltage by Vision, this tank could come up as well. Its coils work at 0.2 ohms to 0.6 ohms and handle as much as 80W (like the Smok M80). This 5-ml Pyrex tank has vents at the drip tip and base.

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A High-Tech Sub Ohm Battery Bank

The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro is a battery bank and sub ohm device. It is easy to use and can be locked for safety. With 4500 mAh power, you can be sure there is power for two days of vaping or enough to vape and charge something else over a period of 24 hours.

itaste mvp 3.0 60 watt pro colors


The Pro’s display shows resistance, power, and how many puffs you have taken. Attach the Innokin iSub which was designed for the release of this high-powered mod and battery bank sold in pink, black, silver, blue, or gold. A Pro takes you all the way to 60 watts.

For something closer to the Aspire CF or High Voltage in terms of power but in a different shape or design, the 30 Watt Eleaf iStick or an Innokin iTaste MVP 30W make excellent alternatives. The Vox Mod by VaporFi is also a good product while Smok makes the Groove II and JoyeTech has the eVic Supreme which boasts a screen that allows you to download personal photos and use them as screen savers.

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ICR Vs IMR Batteries

At a vaping expo in the United States last year, a terrible thing happened — one which could have been exponentially worse: a battery exploded, an event known as “venting.” This means any safety features built into the battery failed.

If there were safeguards in the mod, these failed. The user potentially failed too: he might not have been using his product safely. Combine these three variables and you get to the heart of why the chemistry of your battery is so important.

ICR vs IMR Batteries

Until recently, the most commonly used and most readily available battery on the vaping market was an ICR. This battery contains a built-in feature which prevents the cell from over-charging. This is known as a protected battery. Protective technology is added to the cell, thus lengthening its profile, but it is an essential feature. Typical ICR batteries contain Lithium Ion.

IMR batteries are protected or unprotected depending on where you shop and what you want. They do not have to be built with protective safeguards because their chemistry is different. IMR batteries contain Lithium Manganate.

Why Is This Better than Lithium Ion?

A LiMN handles more stress than the LiIon battery, which means it is less likely to explode when used at a high continuous amperage output. More than 10 amps is considered excessive (especially for continuous output) when talking about vaping mods, but many vapers insist on using their devices at extremely high watts, super-low resistance (less than 0.5 ohms), and don’t give their batteries time to cool off either. They continually run at these rates until the device either shuts itself off or explodes.

Built-in Safety

An adjustable mod should contain a reliable chipset that detects low resistance, over-discharge, high temperatures, and more. It will either reduce output until adjustments have been made or will simply shut down. Casing should be sufficiently vented.

No matter what safeguards you implement, however, accidents happen. A battery can still explode inside its shell. If this is a LiIon battery, explosion could cause devastating damage: a fire or loss of life. People standing close to the event have been horribly injured and maimed.

With a LiMn battery, the resulting event would be less dramatic. LiMn batteries will still explode, just not to the same extreme extent. You might still get a burn or even start a small fire but the size and power of the explosion will be much reduced.

Industry Recommendations for Safety

So, when you go to a shop to purchase a battery for your 18350, 18500, or 18650 device (or larger), keep in mind that you want the safest possible battery. These are powerful products. If you are staying within reasonable limits and using a 40W unit or lower then you can probably breathe a little more easily.

But with a 50W mod or higher or an unregulated mechanical mod, you need all the help you can get to remain safe. Meters and monitors fail or provide inaccurate results at times; electronics are imperfect. Stick with reliable brands and only seek products and guidance from vendors you know and trust.

18650 Batteries

Batteries sold at DIY store counters, grocery stores, discount outlets, and in dollar shops are usually regular household types found in children’s toys, CD players, and remote control cars. Vape mod batteries are not designed specifically for these e cig devices — they can be used in flashlights and laptops — but they are still special batteries and their various qualities should be known to you before choosing both a vaping device and a compatible cell or cells.

Sony VTC4 18650-30R 2100mAh18650 Batteries for Vape Mods

In particular, we are going to look at the 18650 version. When you buy a mechanical mod like the SMOK Magneto, it accepts three types of batteries, all of them 18-series.

Their numbers (18350, 18500, and 18650) represent dimensions by width and length, the 18650 being the longest among them. These batteries are rechargeable.

Battery Chemistry

Although lots of chemical symbols are used to represent battery chemistry, Lithium Ion is the primary type, but it’s not the safest. Many experts turn to LiMn batteries.

They handle stress better than LiIon cells which means they don’t have to be protected, in which case it will be shorter than the regular, protected cell. LiMn battery titles are prefaced with “IMR” so they are easily identified.

Over-discharge Protection

This protective element I am talking about is what stops a device from over-charging if you leave it in the charger too long. Discharge cut-off is built into non-IMR batteries and can also be built into IMR cells depending on your choice of model. Your best safety routine involves the use of recommended batteries and a high-quality charger.

Battery Venting

Vaping experts often talk about battery safety and they take it very seriously, even though many vapers (having never experienced a battery explosion) think they are exaggerating their concerns.

A battery can explode: in an un-vented box mod, in a mod which fails to vent automatically as it should do, inside an unprotected or malfunctioning device, when it is stressed by too-low resistance and extra-high watts, or if it is pulsed and not allowed to cool properly.

This event can and has really happened in the past. A battery is tiny but has the power of a small bomb which can cause substantial damage, including physical harm or death to the user or anyone close by.

Brand Names

This is why you should only buy trusted brands of 18650 batteries. Suggested names include Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Panasonic, and EFest. Pundits do not recommend purchasing sub-standard (anything else) batteries even if the price is compelling.

Also, check the dates on your batteries. If you can’t check them with a meter, recycle them if their origins or ages are unknown to you. Always recycle your batteries. Lithium is a dangerous substance which should not be dumped into your regular garbage.

Measurements of Batteries

As noted above, your battery size is dictated by at least one thing: whether it is protected or not. Another feature to look for is the shape of your positive contact. It could be flat or domed. This will affect the sort of device you can use because if there is supposed to be a dome and your battery does not have one, internal contacts will not connect unless they are spring-loaded.

Most battery housings make allowances for this variation, but read the specifications for your vape mod carefully. Adjustable products bring fittings and contacts closer together or spread them apart to make room in telescopic e cig mods.

Continuous Amp Output

Returning to the issue of safety, the highest safe output for continuous vaping at sub-ohms is around 10A, although many cells can handle a maximum of 20 amps or more. Many vapers are pushing the limits of safety by trying to operate at a continuous 20A output and at extremely low resistance: below 0.5 ohms.

Although there are ways to safely use a serious sub-ohm atomizer, you have to realize the inherent dangers in trying to do so at high watts, especially if you over-vape. Even a protected battery could still fail.

Built-in Chips

Protect yourself in an additional way by purchasing an adjustable box mod containing a reliable, built-in microchip. The Evolv is highly rated and only goes up to 40W. This might not seem like enough for some vapers, but Evolv DNA 40 mods can handle 0.1-ohm atomizers, just at lower temperatures than Yihi and other chips. Performance-wise they are comparable yet safer at the same time.

Battery Compatibility

When you are researching box mods and other devices using 18650 batteries, the vendor usually indicates which batteries are recommended for the purpose. They usually provide at least two suggestions and carry those cells in their shop or warehouse.

This advice is designed to prevent damage and injury caused by a combination of unsafe batteries and unregulated, high-watt mods. Conduct thorough research into the pros and cons of various batteries and the risks you are undertaking as a sub-ohm vaper before selecting an 18650 device and battery.

Vapros Nunchaku

Vision is well known for their variable voltage battery series: the Spinner. This battery comes in many colors and is user-friendly for intermediate vapers. Vision’s popular VV Spinner is joined by a more powerful edition known as the Vapros Nunchaku. This is part of Vision’s Vapros line.

The Vision Vapros Nunchaku Variable Watt Mod

In Japan, the nunchaku is a martial arts weapon made up of two sticks tied together by a chain. It’s powerful and dangerous. With the Nunchaku, you get a 2000-mAh cell with variable wattage, so it’s powerful but, one hopes, not dangerous.

Vapros Nunchaku

Adjust output from between 6 watts and 18 watts: pretty good for a small battery you could use with an iClear 16 or a CE5. You adjust watts using a dial at the bottom, a bit like the knurled knob on Spinner but with fewer, wider grooves and a more comfortable design.

Over-vaping cut-off time is 18 seconds. If you try to vape continuously for more than 18 seconds, the battery switches off automatically to let the battery cool down. That’s a bit longer than you are used to with lesser batteries, but the Nunchaku can handle it.

ED Lights

Up to 5 LED bulbs will light up to indicate your power level with this novel Vision battery indicator system. If all lights are on, your power level is 100%. When you see 4 lights, that means your device is at 80%. Go down the line by 20% increments until you only see 1 light (20%) which is your warning to turn off the battery and recharge it.

Adjustable Atomizer Threading

Use any 510 or eGo clearomizer or tank with the Nunchaku. Its flexible connection pin accommodates almost anything: Vision, Innokin, Kanger tanks, and more.

Vapros Nunchaku Battery-V2Vision Vapros Nunchaku Version 2

There is also a second version of the Nunchaku, but any upgrades must be minor as this looks to be the same product. Maybe Vision added some new designs to the 10 already available for Version 1.

They are Knight, Graffiti, Girl, Skull, plus assorted colors like pink, yellow, and purple. Sedate colors are also available. The Vision Vapros symbol appears on each one; an image which supposedly represents the Japanese nunchaku.

Buy the Vision Vapros VW Nunchaku

You will notice the Nunchaku is becoming more widely available in recent months. Businesses are adding it to their lineup, but this is not classified as a Spinner or an eGo battery.

Expect to see it under “variable watt devices” or check under “Vision” if a website gives you the option to search for products by brand. The price for this VW battery is around $35, give or take a couple of dollars.

More from Vision Vapros

Vision also released several other products in their Vapros line. They include the iBox 1500-mAh 25W mod for sub-ohm vaping, a full 1650-mAh BDCC kit with variable voltage battery and clearomizer, the V-Spot Atomizer for their iBox, and an iEnergy electronic cigarette. China’s Vision Manufacturing is becoming one of the best known companies in the e cig industry, revving up to rival Smok, Innokin, Kanger, and Joye with their innovative designs and affordable prices.