Comparing Smoking vs Vaping

Vapers, non-smokers, scientists, medicos, and regulatory bodies are busily comparing smoking vs vaping as they debate how to progress with electronic cigarettes. They would be foolish to argue that smoking is safer, but there are built-in risks with e cigs as well.

Safety is just one factor to consider too: what about the environment and money? Which one is worse from an ecological standpoint and which one is cheaper overall? Health is the other overriding concern which sends smokers flocking to e cig kiosks around the world.

Before getting more into this, I will say that vaping is very similar in the taste, and feeling in the back of your throat.

Does it taste exactly like a real cigarette?

No, but some brands get pretty close, considering it is vapor as opposed to smoke. The feeling in the back of your throat you get from smoking is mimicked very well by e-cigs, and depending which you try, e-cigs can hit the back of your throat even more harshly than a tobacco cigarette.

Weighing up the Facts

Smokers spend hundreds — and even thousands — of dollars annually on cigarettes and accessories. Switching to e cigs can cut costs down by anything from 20% to 80% depending on how much you smoked and how you proceed.

At the very cheapest, if you were in a financial bind and are looking for the most cost savings, here’s an example of what you could save:

If you smoked 1 pack a day, and spent $10 a day, you could do this with e-cigs for less than $50 per month (compared to $300 a month @ $10 per day). This would be using e-liquid and refilling your own vape device.

Vaping Savings

Vaporizers require rechargeable batteries, liquid and tanks, chargers have to be replaced, and there are other optional accessories. One spends less time fumigating a room or clothing when e cigs are involved. Ashtrays become antiques.

Vaping Costs

But vapers who just use disposables and don’t plan to wean off of e cigs entirely will probably spend a fair amount of money: $10 for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes on average. This is true if the disposable is working and properly filled with e liquid.

Most e cigs are in good shape if they come from reliable brands but there are some that don’t perform and many companies overstate the puff count on a single-use e cig. Maybe you are getting ¾ of a pack or perhaps 1 ¼ packs on a good day.

Bundle Bonus

Starter kits for mini cigs potentially reduce outgoings because, with a bundle, each piece is included at a discount over what it goes for when sold separately. Then again, if you start adding carry cases and other extras, those unnecessary accessories add to the price. If you purchase a mini cig, reliable, safe brand-name KR808D mini cigs are overpriced to start with.

Yet, loyalty points and discount coupons make it cheaper to buy goods. Points at an e cig company are like grocery rewards that customers exchange for goods.

Once vapers switch to filling cartomizers with their own e liquid, they see savings increase as long as they don’t spend even more money exploring hundreds of flavor combinations.

Nature Negative

In an ideal world, no one would vape or smoke. Neither habit is good for the earth. Batteries and other “e-waste” is piling up quickly around the world and leaching toxins from lithium batteries, etc.

Cigarette poisons have polluted the ground, water, and air. Whatever they do to human beings also takes place in the environment. Arguably, rechargeable, recyclable batteries are better than cigarettes. But one mustn’t mistake “better” for “good.”

Health and Hope

In testimonials posted on YouTube, vapers tell moving stories of how electronic cigarettes changed their lives. Some of them couldn’t climb stairs without getting out of breath. A few were nearly dead with lung disease. Cancer had claimed the lives of those they loved and still they were unable to break the chains of addiction to cigarettes.

Thanks to vaping, they could stop choking back poison but didn’t have to endure nicotine withdrawal. Some time in the future they might kick that habit too, but there isn’t any big rush now that the smoke is gone.

There is no denying personal, poignant stories of health and hope regained. Of continued concern to some authorities, however, is the appeal of fruit-flavored, nicotine laden e cigs to a generation of non-smokers keen to feed their curiosity. Moreover, vapers are kidding themselves thinking nicotine is entirely safe (of course most know that it isn’t entirely safe). Doctors often prefer their patients to be fighting this addiction, however, if it means they are doing it as an alternative to smoking.