Cosmic Fog Vapors

Each cloud which represents a flavor from the Cosmic Fog e juice line is an individual. They all have a sunny outlook judging by their sunglasses and happy appearance, but each one is trimmed with a different color, as though the sun is shining on each one through a different-colored crystal.

That might be too lyrical a way to describe e juice labels, but in an era where e-juice label artistry often reflects aggressive or sexual images, I can’t help but notice the gentle spirit of a happy cloud wearing triangular sunglasses.

Popular E Juice

Maybe those clouds are enjoying their popularity in the vaping world. Cosmic Fog E Juice is one of the country’s most widely carried brands. The people behind this brand have successfully courted interest from companies that carry exclusively gourmet juice, firms selling only American e liquid, businesses boasting a mixture of top-shelf and factory-made liquids, and even companies that carry their own low-cost house juice. There is a place for Cosmic Fog everywhere.

Cosmic Fog JuicesGetting Caught in a Cosmic Fog of Flavor

There are just six e liquids in the entire Cosmic Fog line: Kryptonite, Milk & Honey, Cola Gummy, Church, The Shocker, and Nutz.

In spite of the long time they’ve been on American shelves (a few years now, at least), they have not been in a hurry to create additional flavors: they do it right or they go home.

Where many companies rush to bring out 10, 20, or 30 flavors, Cosmic Fog has created a menu they know is successful and which their customers appreciate; a dessert-driven compilation which does not contain a single tobacco flavor and only the merest hint of mint (not menthol) in Cola Gummy according to at least one customer.

Here is a run down of those flavors with some thoughts gleaned from reviews by real customers. Cosmic Fog, by the way, is made using only US Pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and USP vegetable glycerin. They don’t apprise us of their mixing conditions (lab, clean room, etc).

Church (the Red Cloud)


The name for “Church” e juice comes from its ingredients which, when you put them together, equal a “sundae.” Taste a traditional ice cream sundae with hot fudge sauce, vanilla, and bananas. Let it steep a bit: some reviewers reported their flavor was weak yet most people really enjoy the flavor, especially at low ohms (around 1.2 ohms to 2 ohms).

Shocker (Neon Yellow)


Although Cosmic Fog describes this as having the flavor of strawberry-citrus lemonade, one individual detected grapefruit in her supply and quite liked it. It is a refreshing enough style to become an all-day vape.

Milk & Honey (Honey Yellow)

Milk & Honey

Cosmic Fog’s most popular and frequently reviewed item is their sweet and creamy dessert vape. You might detect marshmallow but will certainly taste milk and honey as per the name.

Cola Gummy (the Blue Cloud)

Cola Gummy

It probably sounds like a strange claim to make, but Cola Gummy was blended so that consumers would not just taste cola gummy candy but also detect the fizz of soda pop. They really do taste and feel this sensation (how do they do that?), but again, let this one steep to make the flavors count.

Nutz (Orange-Brown)


This was a late-comer to the lineup and a popular one winning excellent reviews. Nutz, true to its name, tastes like a rich and full-bodied almond butter plus strawberry preserves and a hint of honey crème. You might equate Nutz with a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Kryptonite (Green, of Course)


Cosmic Fog’s second-most popular flavor is this refreshing, even floral offering. The suggestion of flowers does not come across in a description on their website which mentions melon candy, but melon can yield a somewhat floral aroma and aftertaste. Customers sure do like it.

Buy Cosmic Fog E Juice

As I said above, there are loads of places to buy Cosmic Fog online and at street-level vape stores. The cost of a bottle, however, varies from around $11.95 to $13 for 15 ml and you might even see higher prices at some cowboy stores where everything is overpriced.

Cosmic Fog is bottled in glass with a squeezable dripping top so you can add it to an RDA easily or even to your clearomizer or tank without pulling out a separate dripper or pouring juice into a different bottle. That glass bottle is important because these are pre-bottled juices, not made to order.

They could have been sitting in their bottles for a little while which, if these were bottled in plastic, could cause the liquid to adopt a tinge of plastic which would eventually come through into the vapor. Nicotine values provide a decent hit of 24 mg all the way down to 3 mg per/ml plus a zero-nicotine option.

California Vaping

The people who make Cosmic Fog come from Orange County, California. You will find that many of the popular e juice labels hail from this part of the country. Openness to vaping in Californian culture has inspired many people to take it up as a hobby, to blend their own e liquid, and to turn a hobby into one way to earn a living.

Some vendors do this on the side while going to college or university or while maintaining other jobs. Many vapologists (a fancy word for e-liquid mix-masters) will eventually give it up and focus on other careers. Some businesses, however, become so successful they turn e-liquid blending and designing into a full-time job.

I do not know if the guys at Cosmic Fog have reached this place in their e-juice careers, but they are doing very well in the industry. Vapers will see them at upcoming US e cig exhibitions and on their social media pages complete with photos and news. Watch Facebook for info about flavors in development.

Cuttwood E-Juice

Contain your surprise as I tell you that Cuttwood — a top-of-the-line e juice brand — comes from California. Their location is Irvine, specifically. Cuttwood began in the business with one e juice called “Unicorn Milk” which has become a cult favorite and is now joined by three other flavors. Before we get into a description of those flavors, let’s look more closely at Cuttwood E Juice from California.

cuttwood.comCuttwood, Irvine

At least, we can try to look more closely: the website is not that helpful. Promises of high quality approved ingredients are pretty vague and there’s no telling where they make it.

I see no mention of a certified lab or clean room and nothing indicates that USP-grade or pure ingredients have been utilized. They might not even be American ingredients although the e juices are made in the US and bottled in glass.

Standards are strict, although that doesn’t say enough. As for their prices: $12 per 15-ml bottle is about standard for this class of juice. A large bottle (30 ml) for $23 or $22 is on par too.

On the website you will find “Sauce Boss” blog posts which draw your attention to recent government announcements and other technical stuff regarding e juice and vaping overall. They mention the SFATA, studies into nicotine vapor, and more. The site also leads you to social media pages for Cuttwood and images of their “Cuttwood Girls.” You won’t be shopping on this site unless you want apparel.

Buying Cuttwood

This e juice business has a following in the UK and is sold all over the United States. Obviously, their invitation for wholesale enquiries has been successful: Cuttwood is frequently featured on e-vendor menus for vapor juice. It sits near the top of alphabetical lists which helps customers to find it before they see other notable brands like Velvet Vapors or The Standard.

E Juices by Cuttwood

There are four flavors to choose from: Sugar Bear, Monster Melons, Unicorn Milk, and Boss Reserve. All four flavors are sugary in some way without tobacco or mint. Facebook would be the place if you need to get ideas as to what systems to use them on as well as upcoming flavor releases.

Sugar Drizzle

Sugar Drizzle

Imagine a cereal with hints of cinnamon (maybe granola or cinnamon toast style). Add cream to this blend and you have Sugar Drizzle, cereal-style vape. It’s amazing how much certain e juices taste like cereals. They even have a creamy texture. You’ll be imagining that crunch from days past and are likely to crave a bowl of something you haven’t eaten since you were ten, probably in front of the cartoon channel.

Unicorn Milk

Unicorn Milk

Strawberries and cream could come across as sugary milk or fruity custard or a smoothie. Which one will it be for you? Reviews do not always agree which could do with a mod set-up or steeping, but one thing is very evident: this is probably the most popular Cuttwood label. Another thing is true: Cuttwood fans frequently site the Unicorn Milk as their favorite.

Mega Melons

Mega Melons

Obviously, melon plays a part here, but which kind? It’s cantaloupe plus papaya and mango, so not really “melons” so much as a fruity blend with an orange theme.

Boss Reserve

Boss Reserve

This expensive flavor is another breakfast cereal. Taste honey graham crackers, roasted nut clusters, milk, and banana. Draw your own inferences from that combo. Reserve juices are made in ultra-small batches which increases customer anticipation and, ultimately, sales.

Comparing Strawberry Flavors

In the e juice industry, there might not seem to be a lot of new flavors anymore. Sometimes a blend will take customers by surprise, but most house juices are simple one- or two-flavor styles. A lot of iconic styles (like strawberry milk) began with the likes of Cuttwood and have been copied from their innovation.

Unicorn Milk is frequently compared to Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny, Ichigo by Mistu, and CRFT Strawberry Blonde (strawberry custard), but there are lots of other copy-cats besides. Many are inferior. Strawberry turns up in tons of other e juices and some other sugary-milk styles. Quick by 9 South Vapes is close to Unicorn Milk in a way, but with the addition of chocolate.

The New Rage for Cereal Vapor

Cereal vapes are also becoming hugely popular. They are everywhere. 9 South Vapes from New Jersey is big on them. Looper by ANML is a big hit. Somehow the vendor mixes crunchy cereal and milk with a base flavor you will instantly recognize, and I think I know how they do it: using the same flavor extracts as the cereal companies use.

Once you figure those out, it’s not that hard to hit the notes. The trick is hitting them accurately. Vape vendors are not like cereal companies trying to simulate certain authentic flavors; e juice vapologists are trying to simulate the simulators.

When you get to Sugar Bear it won’t be hard to figure out what they are trying to get at. Cinnamon too rarely makes its way into gourmet blends, so this makes a nice change. It is not overly sweet. In fact, I would not refer to any of these as dessert vapes.

If you took the three main ones and left out Boss Reserve, you would end up with a well-rounded breakfast with cereal, fruit, and a comforting drink. Of course this would be Saturday morning breakfast; something to look forward to all week.


The big allure of Mega Melons is probably the slightly risqué name and a titter behind your hand. I would say that the combo chosen at Cuttwood is unique. Peach and mango are combined frequently. Papaya finds its way into tropical vapes. The richness of cantaloupe is usually lightened with other melons. Mango and papaya sweeten cantaloupe but don’t freshen it.

You should find it a bold mix. It just goes to show that, with so many fruits around, there are countless ways to combine them. With choices of fresh, baked, or candy styles there is even more potential.

Space Jam Juice

Successful e juice companies like Space Jam sometimes takes time to create a persona or a theme. At Space Jam, they speak in the language of visitors from another planet who have come to live in America.

Names for e juices prove that they are not from this world but are better acquainted with outer space. Titles are Andromeda, Venus, Omega, Pluto, Galactica, Starship 1, Eclipse, and Astro. What a wonderful lineup of thematically united names: they make it fun to read their website and ponder flavors at Space Jam.

Space JamSince 2012

Space Jam got their start in the business in 2012 and is based in Southern California.

Their liquids are made using premium ingredients in a GMP ISO certified lab. This is reassuring as is their use of glass to bottle liquids which are then sold wholesale to many, many vendors operating brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Because prices for everything related to e-cigs vary, there is no set price for Space Jam juice across the country. A fair and likely price tag for 15 ml would be $12; about the same as many of the top-shelf gourmet juices made in California and throughout the United States.

Venus e Juice

Imagine you were at a bonfire holding a long stick. You had a marshmallow at one end and were roasting it. Upon removing it from the fire you dunked the marshmallow in a bowl containing peanut butter, caramel, and cream. The hot marshmallow melted everything together so you stirred it and created a flavor something like Venus e juice: gourmet S’mores.

Starship 1 Liquid

This is perhaps the closest thing to Frankenvape (The Standard’s top flavor) I have seen anywhere with its blend of vanilla custard and kiwi. Kiwi is an unusual choice for vanilla and cream, but an addictive and popular one judging by comments from very satisfied customers.

Pluto: No Longer the Disenfranchised Planet

Melons: that’s what the planet Pluto makes Space Jam vapologists think of — several varieties of melon. You’ve got juicy watermelon, meaty cantaloupe, and refreshing honeydew all vying for position with bubblegum and a hint of mint. Mint and melon pair beautifully together. Bubblegum adds an edge of confection to this fresh blend.


Peaches and cream pair so perfectly that loads of e juice companies have tackled the combination in their own way. Many of these blenders have succeeded in bringing out the rich, dark flavor of real, ripe peach with just the right amount of cream. Space Jam takes the feat one step further by adding a touch of spice to the sweetness of fresh fruit. This addition gives Omega a warm, autumnal dimension.

Party Ship Galactica

Somewhere in outer space there is a party going on. I suspect it’s happening on the party ship Galactica because that is where these aliens keep their stockpile of champagne. Since these are classy aliens, they eat strawberries while sipping their drinks because that’s what all refined people do at zero gravity.

Light Side of an Eclipse

Here is the first and only tobacco e juice from Space Jam; a nod to consumers who still enjoy the flavor and aroma of a pipe even though they gave up smoking for good. Cavendish Tobacco and vanilla bean blend, but vanilla is only an accent; it doesn’t “eclipse” the richness of Cavendish.


I’ve seen strawberry mixed with tropical fruit and apples combined with cinnamon or a “pie crust” flavor, but never strawberry and Granny Smith. This evokes just the right contrast of sweet and tart with a fresh, fruity outcome.


The last style is a current classic; a modern mélange of dark berries. Everyone is mixing pomegranate with blueberry these days because it works.

Adventure at Space Jam

When you click on the website for Space Jam, you don’t see much: a tiny bit of information about the products and company and a few photos plus links to some other e-juice firms. They are all part of the Space Jam Collective. Other members of the Collective are Mystique, Obsession, Clouds of Hope, Taste Vape, Gold Standard, and Black Reserve.

Where did Cosmic Fog go? At one time, Space Jam and Cosmic Fog were linked; created by the same people but run as separate entities. Did they split ways? Did the original owner sell his share in one company to another group of vapologists?

SJ Social is the “Command Center” for all the juices I mentioned. If you want to learn what’s happening in their unique worlds, you can enter this center and use links to go directly to their websites or social media pages.

Merchandise Online

Space Jam, Obsession, Clouds of Hope, and the other brands don’t sell their products online through the Collective’s website or their own sites. The only items sold over the internet directly by the SJ Collective are a few sample kits, but mostly apparel and novelty items like stickers and posters.

They also promote a tank called the Flip. This tank uses flavor pods which are inserted into your preferred ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Once infused, this combination is vaped on the mod of your choice. I’ve never heard of this device before, but I’m sure more will come up online as consumers consider the ease of using pods of pre-filled gourmet juice with the ratio of base liquid they want.

The Steam Factory E-Juice

When a team of blenders hones in on just a few flavors, customers ask questions: are they too lazy to think of anything else? Is this a gimmick? Are these guys just really picky about what they consider to be “good” e liquid?

I think the last question is likely to yield the most fruitful answers, fruit not being a pun or anything, although fruit is prominent among the styles made by The Steam Factory E-Liquid.

Shop Steam Factory Juices:

The Steam Factory JuicesVarious Vapers and Varieties

A husband-and-wife team set themselves a task: create juices for all levels of vaper. You notice that some cheap juices are specifically designed for low-level clearomizers; the kinds with coils that you can’t take out and replace with new ones. They contain lots of propylene glycol so you can drip them into a mini cig cartomizer and won’t cause it to clog up prematurely.

Some firms focus on the advanced vaper with his RDA and box mod. Steam Factory aims to cut through divisions and unify vapers under a single banner with their highly-rated, consistently good products.

Five Flavors

Here they are, the golden five: Blue Ballz, Castaway, Kizmet, Muffcake, and Screwberry. Each one costs $22 for 30 ml and is available with up to 18 mg of nicotine. A package of four 30-ml bottles as sold by authorized vendors costs $75 (120 ml).

Blue Ballz

Banana and blueberry blend into this fruity but sweet e juice from Steam Factory which receives the second-highest number of reviews. This suggests Blue Ballz is their runner-up for most popular flavor.


Don’t think of Wilson or Tom Hanks, although I am sure his character in a movie of the same name ate lots of tropical fruit. Examples of fruits featured in Castaway e juice are not overly sweet but fresh, as in nature.


This is another word for “fate” or a game played with dice depending on your perspective. At Steam Factory, Kizmet brings green apples and pears together for a tangy taste sensation that will take you back to orchards and autumn: warm days and cool nights; the best time of year.


This could be the culinary trend of 2015: a hybrid of cupcake and muffin with lemon and fruit blended in. A description by Steam Factory suggests the Muffcake man is reviled by baked counterparts: not one thing or the other and too strange to be counted among them.

Muffcake is e liquid personified and is also the company’s most reviewed product. It contains max-vegetable glycerin and is a flavor iconic enough among serious vapers to have inspired a box mod for cloud chasing.

The Muffcake HexOhm bears the clumpy image of a Muffcake engraved into an aluminum body with a magnetic battery door and spring-loaded threading well. It’s got a 20A, 110W limit and contains an OKL-T20 mother board. Use an 18650 battery to create huge clouds and drip Muffcake onto your dripping deck.


Again, fresh berries are the star, as is often the case with gourmet e liquids. Many vapologists turn to the freshness and authenticity of fruit for a finish that is both sweet and tart; one which could turn into an all-day-vape.


Customers like the balance of Muffcake. It is light on the lemon but not too light: you will still get a tangy mouthful amid other mixed fruits. Blue Ballz is different things to different people. Some taste lots of blueberry. Others notice banana more prominently. Another group says the balance is spot on.

Kizmet pulls off a difficult feat: conveying natural apple flavor plus a touch of spice from the pear-side of this juice. There is plenty of fruit here to satisfy those with a sweet but not too-sweet tooth.

Shop Online:

Sweet Vapes

With a name like Sweet Vapes, I imagine there has to be a back story. It might have to do with the person running the company: is she a real sweetheart? Is this like calling a bald man “Curly” (i.e., is the owner actually kind of grumpy)?

Maybe the name comes from a preference for sweet flavors, and that is what I suspect to be the case here at Sweet Vapes from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. My only other guess would be that “sweet” stands for “cool” as was the lingo of the day back five years ago.

Sweet-Vapes.comAll-Purpose Vape Store

E juice is not the only thing on their menu at Sweet Vapes. Like a lot of online companies where homemade e juice is prominent, they also sell some hardware.  Imagine Crystal Canyon Vapes, Mount Baker Vapor, and others: they all started out with juice and branched out into equipment.

At Sweet Vapes they have a lot of choice, but it all goes to supporting your e juice selection. You need a tank for those juices so buy one here and do all of your shopping at one place. Instead of choosing to carry a little bit of everything, they concentrate efforts on bringing in the top brands.

Brands at Sweet Vapes

Those would be Cloupor, JoyeTech, Aspire, and Kanger. You will see a few others, mostly from China. At Sweet Vapes you can buy an Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0, an Eleaf iStick VW mod, or a case for your P4Y iPV Mini in one of several colors. Choose a JoyeTech Delta II sub-ohm tank to hold your top-class juice.

Some Flavors at Sweet Vapes

I can’t tell you all of their flavors: the list is fairly long. I was impressed by the selection here: from tobacco to dessert. It is all there, so “sweet” styles are not all you have to choose from. You can shop for breakfast vapes, coffee or tea, signature flavors, candy, snacks, and more.

sweet vapes snacksSnacks

This heading intrigued me: what is a snack? It is not a candy or a cold pancake sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Snacks are not nourishing or satisfying. A snack would be popcorn or nuts, both of which you see featured here. Now, if someone could come up with an e juice that tastes like corn chips I will be ecstatic.

Breakfast Vapes

These are the cereal style juices, pancakes, waffles: stuff like that. Sweet Vapes makes Crunch Barry’s, Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry Pancakes, French Toast, and other typical Sunday morning fare.

Coffee and Tea

Mixologists mostly focus on coffee here with a fun play on the name of the world’s most popular coffee company: Starbucket’s. Try their Kona Latte or Cappuccino for a start. Kona Cream and Chai Tea provide additional warm options.


Selection here is pretty standard. They’ve got all the colors, all the seasons, and every fruit-bearing part of the world covered under “Fruit.” If you can think of a fruit, you will probably find it at Sweet Vapes.

sweet vapes tobaccoTobacco and Menthol

Here is where e-cigs and cigarettes meet: over a mouthful of tobacco, but it is only a flavor when you vape at Sweet Vapes; not real tobacco. They have Blend #5 (nutty), Menthol, Menthol Desert Ship (Middle Eastern), Cuban (cigar), and Red Tobacco. That’s just naming a selection: Sweet Vapes can do better than that.

Pricing and Juice Details

Each 10-ml bottle appears to cost $9.95. I checked that in disbelief because at the checkout their site said “add $5 for 15 ml,” plus additional amounts for larger bottles. I thought that had to be a misprint.

I was wrong. I can’t believe how expensive Sweet Vapes e juices are. You do not have to pay these prices, so I am curious as to how the company brings costs down to make them more reasonable. Is there a coupon? Do customers earn amazing reward points? Can they score by ordering three bottles and getting one free?

They really can’t be serious, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Lots of companies operate using very high standards and they don’t try to charge this much. It’s possible they overlooked this problem and simply need someone to point it out to them so they can fix it.

Select from 0 to 24 mg of nicotine per/ml of juice. There are also loads of PG/VG possibilities: adjust by small increments for a very precise ratio.

More about Sweet Vapes

Sweet Vapes got their start way back in 2010, which seems like a long time ago in Vapeland. At this point they were exclusively operating online, which is a way to keep costs low while earning a profit and remaining viable so as to grow.

In 2012, they opened a storefront. In 2010, they sold just 20 flavors plus some kits. Today, they carry much more than that as you saw above; enough products to justify categorizing them all on their bright and friendly website.

Their team is comprised of food manufacturing, quality assurance, R&D, and food safety professionals with 30 years combined experience: a great combination of skills. They blend juices in a lab fitted with steel tables using medical-grade nicotine from a US supplier and use bottles with childproof caps in most cases.

I would like to recommend them to the general vaper but would first like to find out about those prices. There is no reason to think Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is taxed more heavily for the ingredients used to make e juice than any other state or city.

9 South Vapes

A company called 9 South Vapes from Toms River, New Jersey, blends fashion and e juice into a kind of commercial hybrid. Their style is street savvy and youthful and their juices convey the same ethos.

I would almost say at times that they take themselves too seriously; they are trying too hard to be fashionable, different, new, and cool. On the other hand, at least 9 South Vapes tries to be unique. They are not the cookie-cutter vape store your daddy uses.

Cereal KillaCereal Killa

You have probably heard of Cereal Killa e juice: it’s a bit of a cult classic around the vape world, if something so new can be considered a classic. Other lines by 9 South Vapes are The Faction, Black Label, and Signature Series. Certain “brands” seen here contain lists of apparel: hats and clothing.

Cereal Killa is a dripping juice containing 90% vegetable glycerin. It comes in a 30-ml glass bottle priced $16.99 (if you buy it directly from 9 South Vapes). As you would imagine with a dripping juice, the top is a squeezable dripping lid.

Cereal Killa recalls fruity breakfast cereal with milk and gets rave reviews. The nicotine level is 0.4%. Other juices cost the same and the price is very good where gourmet e liquids are concerned.

Maybe it has something to do with being from New Jersey: even though their image is a bit contrived, these guys are still grounded. If they weren’t, these bottles would cost $22 like other gourmet styles.

Faction E Juice by 9 South Vapes

Some kind of e juice celebrity devised BudTat2 MK Ultra. I guess his street name is BudTat2 but I am not hip enough to get it. His 75 VG/25 PG liquid with 3 mg of nicotine is available for pre-order as we speak and will taste like a creamy dessert plus a drop of citrus. Use it for dripping: I think this guy is a famous cloud chaser or something.

9 South Black Label SilkBlack Label Vapor Juice

This is a four-bottle selection comprised of Human Farm, Silk, Tear Drops, and Obscura. Let’s get Tear Drops out of the way because it is not a flavor but a palate cleanser; an item rarely seen on vape juice e-shelves. You vape this to transition between opposite styles of vapor: certain fruits and tobaccos or desserts and savory flavors; rich fruits vs. citrus fruits.

Human Farm tastes like slow cooked custard with brown sugar, banana, and spice. Silk is ripe strawberries, heavy cream, and tropical fruit. With Obscura, you’re getting a blend of light honey and citrus in the style of Southern sweet tea. All of these cost the same as above and contain 90% VG at 0.4% nicotine.

Signature Series

Here we have just three flavors with a 90/10 ratio once again and 0.4% nicotine: very low, just enough for a touch of throat hit with these otherwise sweet and thick flavors. Evil Pumpkin, Toasted, and Quick are your three styles choices.

Evil Pumpkin blends the spiciness of Chai tea with pumpkin for an autumnal result. I wouldn’t call it evil unless that pumpkin lived a double life. You could say that Toasted qualifies as a breakfast vape: French Toast with cinnamon and maple syrup, but lighter because it’s just vapor. With Quick, you are getting a drink-style vape familiar to anyone from a certain era. The flavor is light chocolate with strawberry. You have formed a picture now, I am sure, one in which a certain rabbit plays a part (and not the one from Alice in Wonderland).

Flavor Review

It’s not that all of these styles are incredibly original: I’ve seen lots of flavors fashioned from the inspiration of powdered sweet milky drinks, custard, cereal, and Southern sweet tea. In particular, cereal type e juices are on the rise. Custard is on the wane.

ANML’s “Looper” is a cereal vape of notoriety. You could vape a custard flavor by Charlie Noble and many others, or perhaps a Crème Brulee type of juice which is similar and seen at Strix Elixirs et al. All of these companies do an excellent job of simulating various flavors found in grocery stores and gourmet menus into flavorful e juice and they would definitely form a solid part of 9 South Vapes’ competition.

Strawberry milk is another flavor done again and again but 9 South threw a spanner in the works by adding chocolate. I’m sure lots of enterprising vapers have already done that by mixing chocolate e liquid with Unicorn Milk, Ichigo, or Mother’s Milk, but if not, here is your chance to find out what it tastes like. Besides, with prices for 30-ml bottles in the desirable range, these are cost effective products.

9 south apparelPlus Apparel

A number of e juice companies carry a few shirts or hats, but they take things a bit further at 9 South Vapes. You could dress like a fan and still be “street hip.” I’m not sure what I think about this conflation of fashion and vape juice but if it works, why not?

My main concern is that there is already a hue and cry regarding young people and e cigs. The audience they seem to be aiming at is probably under 30, if not under 25. I wouldn’t be surprised if an even younger group was attracted to their ball caps, shirts, and juice.

At least they don’t try to sell e juice with the help of 9 South “girls” and cleavage so there’s something to be said for taste and self-control. They have definitely caught on to how vaping is becoming its own subculture. Perhaps some of the folks over at 9 South even pioneered some of it.

Vape Juice For Dripping And Cloud Chasing

An atomizer known as an RDA or dripping atomizer is designed for use with thick juices which are dripped onto the atomizer deck a little at a time. You don’t fill a tank and keep puffing until the liquid runs out. RDA liquids are known to be generally thick owing to their percentage of vegetable glycerin.

They are perfect for use with sub ohm mods like the Sigelei 100W or VaporShark DNA. Tank atomizers with sub-ohm capacity were also designed for this purpose. How do you spot a good dripping or cloud chasing e-juice from the hundreds of available labels?

Spotting Good Juice

Making clouds is something you can do with any device using any juice, but some are wispy and some are meteorological phenomena. It is always best to go with a juice that has a high level of vegetable glycerin so your clouds are sure to thicken up no matter what type of mod you use from eGo to 50W box.

Several companies supply dripping lines side-by-side with their regular e juices. VaporFi, for instance, has created their Artisan e juice for this purpose and to cater to a cloud-chasing audience. These clients would probably be using the Rebel II tube mod or Vox.

Charlie Noble’s Admiral’s Reserve was made for this purpose and some entire brands are devoted to the sub-ohm culture. The label will indicate that this is a dripping juice or perfect for RDAs. Velvet Vapors offers the choice: select natural, regular, or vegetable glycerin e liquids. Most of their flavors are available in any format.

A number of companies provide custom juice blending and the option to change your propylene glycol (PG)/vegetable glycerin (VG) base. Indicate if you want all PG, Max-VG, or a level in-between. Expect RDA e liquids to be bottled in glass, to be made in smaller batches than the usual stuff, and to cost a bit more than regular liquids. If you paid about $12 for 15 ml, that’s average.

Top RDA Juices

Everyone’s list is a little bit different from everyone else’s but it’s likely your top 10 would not include liquids made by mini cig companies (except maybe Halo Purity or Apollo), cheap single-flavor blends from your e cig vendor, or Chinese juice. Overall, you can expect a gourmet liquid to be ideal for dripping and any juice which is mostly sweet could be a good fit for this purpose too.

Expect a lot of e-juices for dripping to contain cream, custard, or baked goods in the profile, and even alcohol flavors too. VG carries the sweetness of a flavor better than PG but isn’t as great for getting that hit at the back of your throat which is associated with tobacco styles and propylene glycol.

Gourmet finds include Space Jam, Cosmic Fog, Gemini, Alice in Vapeland, and Five Pawns. There are loads of others too: Villain Vapors, Ruckus, and Kind E-Juice are just a few other options out of dozens.


Firebrand Liquitine

Firebrand’s regular line has been given quite a boost by a selection of eight high-VG flavors of which one, surprisingly, are tobacco varieties. We see this too rarely in the gourmet side of the industry, so it’s great when someone embraces the traditional, comforting flavors of pipe tobacco et al. You will find tobacco in Crixus, a nutty style of e juice.




ANML Looper

Daredevil is a lot like Carnage by ANML, another great dripping juice. Their other flavor is Looper: similar to a fruity breakfast cereal. Both of them feature carnivorous beasts on their labels and there is hope they will come up with something new in the near future.


CRFT E-Juice

At CRFT, they are only interested in high-quality ingredients and come up with unique mixtures like Trail Mix. This one really tastes like seeds, nuts, and fruit. Their Strawberry Blonde is another winner bringing to mind thoughts of creamy strawberry.

Namber Epiclouds

Namber epiclouds

At Namber, they came up with the Epiclouds line developed specially for cloud chasers. Pick up strawberry candy (Strawberry Circus) or Doughnut Pounder (glazed donut). Try the unique Glacier Banana in which you will discover what happens when menthol and banana unite.

The Standard

The Standard e juice

At The Standard, vapologists like to keep their clients in the dark. You don’t even know what you are getting with some flavors. It takes a few brave souls to try out juices and report their findings in reviews. Alternatively, you could wind up with one of the mystery types in your subscription box. If so, see this as an opportunity to venture into the unknown. As for Tater, that’s a chocolate style unlike anything your mini cig cartomizer refill could ever produce. Do you like Banana without menthol? Curious Jorge would be just the ticket.

Vaping Birdy

Vaping Birdy

Cream-based juices are meant to be thick on your palate as though you really are drinking cream. The skill required to create this impression is impressive and they have lots of skill over and over at Vaping Birdy. Try an Empress Penguin or an Emperor Penguin. The Emperor is straight-up condensed milk. His Empress, being sweeter and more feminine, adds strawberries to hers. Bald Eagle blends toffee, chocolate, and coffee into a rich, bold e liquid. Try Crème a la Vanille or, in English, vanilla cream.

Goodlife Vapor

Good Life Vapor

Melon Boba, Sour Burma, and Baja Breeze are all fruity, but they do not lack anything when it comes to clouds. At Goodlife, they also create several tobacco e juices so the tobacco fan doesn’t have to give up his favorite flavor to enjoy clouds. He can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Adirondack Vapor

Adirondack Vapor

Here is one of the most widely acclaimed e juices in the country, but not one carried by the same huge list of vendors as, say, Five Pawns. A frustrating lack of local supply might mean you have not tried this vapor juice before, but Adirondack makes excellent fruity e liquid that is well worth saving for a special occasion (like launching or adding a new box mod to your collection).

Sub Ohm E Liquids

A basic guideline for choosing vape liquid is that your coil should be able to handle the viscosity of your juice. It can’t be a CE5 coil if you want to vape 70% vegetable glycerin (PG).

While 100% propylene glycol (PG) is fine for almost any system, max-VG is not. Your atomizer has to be specially designed for dripping at low or even sub-ohms (a Nautilus or Aspire tank, perhaps the Smok VCT, and a mechanical mod or adjustable box mod.)

That is what quality sub ohm vape liquids require: atomizer coils built for thick e juice to get through without clogging and at high temperatures. They also shine brightest with the power of a variable watt device behind them.

Great E Juice

Several brands of e liquid are sold in multiple versions with more PG than VG, or vice versa, and usually a 50/50 option as well. Buying max-VG e liquid, however, is no guarantee of quality.

When you apply high temperatures to juice, the good is very good and bad qualities stand out. The top 5 sub-ohm vape juices are thick, but there is more to it than that. They are also rich in flavor and high quality ingredients. Usually these include at least 10% PG.

Kings Crown Bottles1. King’s Crown

We don’t know what the balance is here but we do know this is excellent vape liquid for dripping atomizers and RTAs by the maker of Suicide Bunny e liquid.

There are 4 flavors, $22 for 30 ml, with up to 12 mg of nicotine. Bound by the Crown blends ripe stone fruits with custard and spice.

Claim Your Throne wraps butterscotch in sweet creams and brown sugar. Fight Your Fate with tart lemon and sweet strawberry. The King’s favorite food is peanut butter.


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Vista Select Cloud Series2. Vista Vapors

Along with their usual line of customizable flavors, Vista Vapors launched their Premium line of cloud or ocean vapes.

Alto Stratus is candied fruit with some customers suggesting apple as the core flavor. Nimbo Stratus blends melon with something floral but lovely.

The Atlantic Ocean is made of caramel according to Vista Vapors, but the Arctic is crisp with berries and spearmint. A 30-ml bottle costs just $11.99, so this is the economical vaper’s answer to gourmet liquid.


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Mythos E Juice3. Mythos E Juice

Out of all the liquids I am going to talk about here, quality and safety are the most traceable and transparent with Mythos.

They run an independent laboratory where they apply lot numbers to every bottle and use only USP-certified vegetable glycerin.

The nicotine base is this same VG while flavorings are 100% organic. Mythos styles include Poseidon (Lemon-Lime), Persephone (Cantaloupe and Pear) and Athena (dessert tobacco).


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Alien Visions4. Alien Visions

Again, quality is highlighted at Alien Visions where they use only USP, GRAS ingredients and a blend of 90% VG.

Their USA-made flavors are designed to taste natural and include Gryphon’s Breath, a lightly sweet tobacco.

Their 555 resembles an authentic tobacco blend. With Christy’s Cappuccino, you really notice how much like a coffee this is. Banana Slurry is full of banana.



Uncle Junks Pink Meadow5. Uncle Junk’s

One of the most popular brands in the past year is Uncle Junk’s Juice (70% VG) costing about $12.95 for a 15-ml bottle in glass with nicotine percentages of 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, and 1.8.

Their Fog Pink Meadow reminds vapers of vanilla and strawberries while Blue Fog calls to mind wild berries and citrus.


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Runners Up

A few other juices you might want to try are Driptonic, Cloud Science, and Virgin Vapor. The Standard is also rich with VG.