What Is Vegetable Glycerin And Propylene Glycol?

A vaper’s first encounter with e liquid usually brings her into contact with propylene glycol and, possibly, vegetable glycerin. Propylene glycol (PG) is the more popular for low-powered e cigs and tobacco flavors.

Interest in vegetable glycerin (VG) grew when some consumers and anti-e cig proponents argued that PG is unsafe, along with how VG is ideal for creating big clouds of vapor. Their argument is that PG is unsafe is that it is used in the making of inedible and synthetic substances such as resins and anti-freeze. At the same time, it is listed by the FDA as a GRAS food substance (GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe).

Consequently, many vapers have turned to VG as a substitute, or have started using e-juice with a higher ratio of VG.

Truths about Propylene Glycol

The first thing consumers need to know about PG is that they have probably consumed it regularly in one form or another. Night clubs, recreation centers, and schools use it to create artificial smoke.

Propylene glycol as a food-safe additive is mixed into many processed treats. As a solvent, PG is found in many pharmaceutical products. Another truth about propylene glycol is that it is not a synthetic compound but a natural, organic one.

Allergic reactions to propylene glycol have left numerous vapers concerned about the properties of this substance. Moderate individuals realize that allergies to other products (strawberries, latex, and milk) don’t mean these items are necessarily bad; just bad for certain people. Vegetable glycerin-based juices provide an option, so they are able to continue vaping.

Vegetable glycerin or simply “glycerin” has been derived from a variety of foods and plants: vegetables, soy, Malaysian palm, and more. Manufacturers add it to detergents and cosmetics while any consumer can purchase it from a grocery or health food store in bottled form.

Allergic reactions to VG inspired e cig manufacturers to locate non-allergenic sources such as the Malaysian palm. Consumers will find many organic, Kosher, USP-grade VG products on the market sourced from other countries too, such as India and the United States.

Propylene Glycol vs. Vegetable Glycerin

E liquid mixologists choose to combine these two elements in varying ratios to achieve more or less throat hit, thinner or thicker liquid, or sweeter e juice. They select ratios to accommodate their products: low-end atomizers filled with wicking material, for instance.

PG is thinner than VG so is favored by mini cig companies. Their cartomizers and clearomizers usually contain fibrous material which becomes gummy over time and atomizers which eventually clog up.

Thin e juice prolongs the life of an atomizer. PG is also preferred when manufacturers and blenders create tobacco flavors because it provides a heavier throat hit without sweetening juice or adding a scent. PG typically has more flavor, and is the preferred delivery method for flavors, and VG produces more vapor, with less of a throat hit.

New vapers using low-powered cartomizers frequently start vaping with tobacco e juice because of its familiarity, so PG-dominant (or 100% PG) e liquids are preferred.

As vapers become more skilled and start operating wickless systems or those with removable coils and wicks, they experiment with thicker liquids. They enjoy the sweetness, additional vapor production, and VG’s compatibility with gourmet non-tobacco flavors. No longer seeking the throat hit they enjoyed as smokers, they can now select products of varying density and even organic products.

Once a consumer’s e cig is an adjustable, variable watt mod, his favorite juices tend to contain at least 50% VG but often the maximum amount possible. A hobby called “cloud chasing” is facilitated by high watt devices, low-resistance atomizers, and viscous e juice.

Brands of E Juice

Several suppliers sell brands of flavorless bases for DIY vape-mixers along with mixing tools and flavorings. Most vapers buy pre-made juices, however.

Favorite PG-heavy products include V2 Cigs e liquid and cartomizers, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and VaporFi. When vapers start looking for heavier liquids, they turn to gourmet companies like Space Jam, Five Pawns, the Standard, and Blueprint. A number of vape shops also custom-blend flavors to contain a ratio of PG/VG chosen by individuals.

Strix Elixirs

Follow the owl: he will lead you to Strix Elixirs. You have probably seen them before; their e juices from Dallas, TX, are popular and affordable. A 10-ml bottle costs just $5, and although this is not the cheapest price around, $5 is darn good for high quality products like these.

Not only is this an affordable brand, but Strix Elixirs gives back to their community, selecting a charity each month to receive a percentage of profits through their “Vape for the Planet” program. This month’s charity is Wounded Warrior. Find out about past recipients by visiting their website and learn how to apply for funding for your own charity.

Strix Elixirs E JuiceE Juice Selection at Strix Elixir

Buy a bottle or a multi-pack. Choose your strength: 0, 3, 6, 12, or 18 mg of nicotine per milliliter of liquid. Now choose from assorted flavors: a good list, though not an endless one.

With the option to customize your flavors, however, this list grows substantially and Strix Elixirs even carries base liquids and flavorings so customers can blend e juice at home.

Customizable Juices

I will just take a minute to point out a few flavors which could easily be combined with others to form complex combinations. Mad Batter tastes like fluffy lemon cake and is great for dripping. Egg Nog limited edition e juice could be a potential pairing, although either one would go very well with Vanilla Ice Cream or Blue Honey Cream.

Some Juice Names

Here is just a sample of juice names without going into detail. Besides those listed above there is Smitten, Monkey Stripe, Bewitched, and Bogart. With a couple of flavors it looks like they were inspired by movies, but the theme does not run for long.


This e juice was inspired by Valentine’s Day. It is a non-clogging, clear e juice which should not crack tanks, although there is a note of lemon in here. It’s not enough to cause concern if your clearomizer tube is made of polycarbonate. Other notes in this romantic e juice are white chocolate and strawberry.


This is the company’s signature tobacco: a smooth, rich type made from naturally extracted tobacco juice. Vanilla Bogart adds a note of vanilla to sweeten it up a little.

Monkey Stripe

You could compare this with Tiger Tiger ice cream with its similar striped flavor. They both contain black licorice: that’s the black stripe. In place of orange ice cream, however, Monkey Stripe contains creamy ripe banana.

More Names to Tempt You

Pixie Dust tastes like colored, powdered sugar. It’s not hard to imagine what a Hazelnut Cookie should remind you of. Espresso Dream might just replace that early morning cup of coffee.

A Few Notes

Strix Elixirs tells clients when a juice could potentially crack their tank. They also indicate the color of your e liquid. Although it does not contain any colorant, there are some which naturally change color because of flavorings used or due to steeping. These are all pre-steeped, ready to vape, made in small batches. Steeping times vary for each juice since each one responds uniquely to the process.

Customers might have come across Strix Elixirs in their Zamplebox monthly delivery. Spinfuel has also written favorably about their juices. Between these two sites and their own e-tail website where customer reviews are posted, there are lots of ways to get to know Strix Elixirs.

Crystal Canyon Vapes

Vapers from Arizona shop at this store for their many and varied e cig, e juice needs. That includes buying batteries and hardware. Vapers from around the country know this to be a classy, quality vapor juice vendor.

Crystal Canyon Vapes in Queen Creek, Arizona, is an all-purpose store, but they are focused on juice, a bit like Mount Baker Vapor. Crystal Canyon Vapor turns up on top-ten lists more than Mount Baker Vapor, however, and has garnered a lot of respect in the vaping world for their high quality juices that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

That is in spite of the fact that Crystal Canyon Vapes isn’t one of those elite brands with just 4 flavors and an enigmatic website which doesn’t really tell you anything you need to know about the company or their juice.

Crystal Canyon VapesCrystal Canyon Vapes E Juice

The company’s website says it all. They use USP propylene glycol, Kosher vegetable glycerin, American ingredients, and 99.9% pure nicotine. There are no fragrances, colors, enhancers, or chemical additives in their e liquids.

Everything is bottled and blended in the United States. Their mixing area is sterile and professionals are involved in the blending process to maintain safety and quality. Customer service is an important part of the business.

Newest Flavor

Crystal Canyon’s website is currently highlighting a new flavor — a tobacco, ironically. It’s so interesting to write about countless artisan e juice businesses combining the flavors of breakfast cereals and custards but which never touch tobacco-style vapes, and then turn to Crystal Canyon Vapes where there are loads of them. The latest flavor is Eldorado: Western Tobacco.

eldorado bottle

E Juice Categories

Among headings, you find tobacco, menthol, and coffee. Explore beverages and fruit. The list is pretty impressive and several of the following flavors are among the top-rated juices at independent review sites.

Crystal Canyon beverage flavorsBeverages to Vape

AZ Sun Tea is a brewed iced tea and a play on words, one of many. Islander blends tropical fruits. Ecto Cooler is a popular style made by lots of firms including Mount Baker Vapor, though not always under the same name. It is just like a familiar orange-tangerine juice drink.

Your Morning Coffee

The people of America love coffee whether it’s the real thing or in a vape juice. I would bet e juice costs less than a cup of regular coffee. Dark Forest is peppermint mocha. Peppermint finds its way into a Peppermint Cappuccino. My Café Blend is straightforward java while Cappuccino French Roast is more of a specialist drink.

Fruit of the Vine, Orchard, etc.

Select Grapevine for an explosion of tangy, sweet grape. Apple and grape together form Orchard Creek. Banana and blueberry are Wild Blue.

Decadent Desserts without Calories

Sinister Sweetness is a combination of butterscotch, chocolate, and caramel. I don’t know what is sinister about it. Confessions is a blend of raspberry and chocolate (a change from strawberries dipped in chocolate). For the traditional palate, there is Euphoria: strawberry shortcake.

Mint and Menthol

Smokers trying out vaping are frequently drawn to these and tobacco types first. They might never leave this section or revving up to try hookah-style e liquids with no hint of cigarette flavors. When they begin with menthol and mint, customers find some analog types (Pioneer menthol tobacco) and some gum-types (Arctic Ice spearmint menthol).

crystal canyon tobacco flavorsCrystal Canyon Vapes Take on Tobacco

3:10 to Yuma has received a lot of attention from reviewers who love its smooth, moderately powerful throat hit and flavor. Beechwood sweetens tobacco with honey. Cherry tobacco is known as Sidewinder. You could not do these things with cigarettes — blending honey or fruit with tobacco. When it comes to e liquid, you can do almost anything.

Highly Rated Products

Empire, Blueberry Tobacco, and Dark Forest are among their top-rated flavors. Empire is a blend of Turkish tobaccos. This is a small company, so their success is all the more poignant because Crystal Canyon Vapes aims to balance quality with quantity and variety. You will find their flavors on the Crystal Canyon website and probably a few other places locally.

The advantage of shopping with them online is that you can buy hardware at the same time and still save money. There are several levels of equipment available. Crystal Canyon Vapes e juice would suit any of them.

E Juice Subscriptions

Purchasing individual bottles of e juice from your preferred vendor or over the internet puts you, the shopper, in full control of every aspect of your vaping choice. That includes nicotine levels and flavor categories. As you know, there are dozens of e juice companies in the United States making their own e liquid, often by hand, frequently in small batches.

Most of their mixologists do not try to be unique. They just blend individual extracts (strawberry, coffee, vanilla, etc.) into a particular mixture of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin and choose a limit of nicotine (usually from 0 to 24 mg). You could almost do it at home if you had the equipment.


When you find something you like, it’s hard to imagine experimenting sometimes, but that is not the way everyone feels. If you dislike the staid solution of knowing your e juice flavor up front every time you go shopping, a subscription can be lots of fun and you can still supplement with predictable favorites along the way.

Reasons to Join a Subscription Program

E juice subscription companies typically offer at least 2 no-contract monthly delivery plans, meaning you can join for a month or six months and there are no penalties for pulling out. Their prices usually include shipping and there are set delivery dates each month, like a wine subscription program.

Your box contains a minimum number of bottles as per your arrangement, and sometimes hardware like a battery or coils. Every month, you sit back and wait for all of this stuff to arrive at your door, having done absolutely no work except set the subscription in motion at some point. It is an easy and even lazy way to shop.

It is also a lot of fun. You can be choosy and voice very specific preferences with some companies, even down to the brand and flavor, but most companies sell too many brands of e liquid to let you be so demanding as that.

At the very least, you get to state your preferences for or against certain types of flavors: sometimes 10 styles. Select a nicotine ratio too. Usually, they carry a few brands you can purchase by the bottle whenever you want.

On the other hand, you could ask for the company to surprise you. This way you never know from month to month what types of flavors could arrive. They might be exotic tobacco, anise, fruit and custard, rhubarb pie, or kiwi and pineapple. Your box could contain watermelon candy-flavored juice, espresso-flavored e liquid, or an ice cream style.

The anticipation is exciting enough to justify the cost, even if you get a lot of juices you don’t like. Generally, the rate of satisfaction is about 50% or higher and you can always trade with friends paying for similar subscriptions. Besides, subscription companies charge up to 70% less for e juices than you pay retail.

In the end, there is a good chance of making a discovery. One box might contain the e liquid you have been searching for; one you could vape all day, every day, but which you had never seen before or ever thought you would like. This is a great way to experiment and vape outside of the box.

JuiceCrate.comJuice Crate

This program allows you to choose from three monthly delivery sizes which include hardware and e liquid.

Select 0, 3, 6, or 12 mg, and say yes or no to candy, tobacco, mint, beverage, earthy, and other styles of vapor juice.

You also tell them what gauge of wire you need since this will be inside your package.

Among their partners are Shark Juice, Totally Vaped Out, Blends by Bryce, Mastermind, Frisco Vapor, and the Standard.


The company that started it all offers 6- and 11-bottle plans from $25.99.

They changed their service in response to more customizable competitors’ subscription services, so that now you can be far more specific than originally.

Choose exotic, explosive, smooth, refreshing, dessert, or tobacco profiles (among others) besides nicotine.

Your box will contain offerings from gourmet companies which could include Ben Jonson’s, Banzai, Big Heart, Nebula, Johnson Cree, Cyber E Liquid, Classified, and Mad Mike’s.

Ejuicepack.comE Juice Pack

There are more than 8,000 ways to customize a subscription from E Juice Pack.

They carefully choose e liquids to offer you from nut, candy, coffee, and other styles made by well-known and lesser-known labels.

Select products by MBV, Mister-E-Liquid, or Velvet Cloud. Choose Ballistic, Charlie Noble, and a few other brands of e juice.

The list here isn’t as long as many others and some of their labels are on the lower-end of the e-juice gourmet scale, but customers love them and the price (from $7.99 per month).

Pick a specific flavor/brand or let the company surprise you based on your flavor profile.


Ask for all surprises or make some choices at Zodist.

Their break down of flavor types is fairly typical: creamy, fruit, mint, tobacco, etc.

Nicotine levels are also fairly standard at zero, 6, 12, or 18 mg.

Tell them if there is anything you wish to avoid such as hazelnuts or marshmallow or a particular type of flavor you have always wanted to try such as pipe tobacco or French roast coffee.

Their services start with a $23.99 plan (30 ml/2 bottles). Labels in your box could be Coval Vapes, Drake’s Vapes, Teleos, The Mad Alchemist, or Vapor Technologies.

There is also the option to shop on their website for Dr. Ohms or Brewhaus E Juice among others. They sell mods and kits as well.

More Selection

Some e cig brands sometimes offer their own subscription services but you only receive their brand of e liquid. An example would be the company VaporFi. Two other companies selling varied brands are Juice Box and Craft Vapery.

Vintage E-Liquids

While debates rage about e-cigs vs. smoking tobacco as nicotine delivery systems, Vintage E-Liquids has something else in mind: e-juice delivery. They invented and patented a new type of container for their e juice: the One-Flick dispenser. As far as they are concerned, their container makes refilling your tank a lot easier and neater. After all: you just need to flick the top once and you’re good to go.


Vintage E-Liquids has also created a collectible product for those who keep containers after they finish the juice inside and display them on the mantelpiece. Labels on certain bottles of e liquid boast interesting, original art works (Gallery, Suicide Bunny, The Standard, and others). Future generations will study these works as a means to understand the culture in which early 21st Century westerners lived and what interested them.

vintageeliquids.comVintage E-Liquids Theme

Thematically, Vintage E-Liquids labels resemble tarot cards from an earlier century which will fascinate future historians and antiquarians. Occult imagery is apparent, but with a potential link to circus life and theatrics. See what I mean by viewing their products online. There are 7 flavors, the label for each a mixture of dark and light.

Seven Flavors

Images of the Dreamer, Lover, Drifter, Sinner, Seeker, Joker, and Legend mostly convey light-heartedness but with dark accents. There is an undercurrent of intensity to contend with and you might be taken by surprise.

Fresh Fruits

The Lover blends papaya, orange, and guava. Seeker is a ripe pear flavor with toasted almond. Peach and pineapple pair up in the Dreamer.

Tobacco Blends

It is unusual to see tobacco styles of e juice from a gourmet company selling a small range of flavors, but Vintage offers two types. Legend blends tobacco with sweet caramel and vanilla. Taste two distinct but complementary styles of mint plus smooth tobacco and an end note of vanilla in The Sinner.

Creamy Juices

Other firms would refer to The Joker as an orangesicle but Vintage makes no mention of this summer treat. Its composition is similar, but fresher; less like candy and more like cream-topped fruit. Sweet orange and two kinds of cream create a less-sweet impression with the Drifter, a similar juice to the Joker but with custard, tangerine, and a kiss of vanilla.

Buying Vintage E-Liquids

A website for this artisan e juice firm only provides information and a portal for wholesale clients. Contact them or become a distributor. You cannot buy e juices for personal use at their site.

Re-sellers charge about $14 per 15 ml with a range of between 18 mg and zero nicotine. Their flavors come highly recommended, but if you are not familiar with e juice pricing, this is a big number compared to most comparable brands.

You must be paying for the bottle and unless you are aiming to collect all 7 more than once, you will find it difficult to justify paying $14 more than once. Usually, gourmet juice sells for around $12 per 15 ml.

Contact the Company

Vintage E-Liquids is another California vaping business. Their offices are located in the Foothill Ranch area of Southern California near Irvine which is between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Some Thoughts on the Juice

It is not uncommon to see an orangesicle-style e juice on the menu. Bat Nectar from Nocturnal Vapes is close: an orange sherbet type but with custard, which means the Drifter is also similar. In the culinary world, pear and almond (The Seeker) are natural together, but e juice companies usually overlook this combo in favor of something else to do with almond or pear: a cookie or amaretto, or pear plus apple, etc.

RY4 e juice is famous as one of the early sweet tobacco styles, and the Legend is reminiscent of that blend. I am going to guess, however, that Vintage E-Liquids takes RY4 to a higher level where caramel, tobacco, and vanilla swirls and separate and generally surprise you with their complexity.

All American by United Vapers provides a comparison if you want to try more than one type of Peach-Pineapple e juice (like Dreamer, possibly the top flavor at Vintage E-Liquids). Most of the time, pineapple is blended with other tropical fruits, is turned into an upside down cake, or makes up part of a creamy cocktail with coconut. Mixologists blend peach with cream much of the time or add it to other fruits. For a light vape juice you can vape all day, The Dreamer is a good choice.

About Vintage E-Liquids

Vintage was started by couple of vapers. Their aim was to innovate without losing sight of quality so they spent two years researching and finally arrived at their 7 flavors plus the bottle design. The two novel things about this company, in summary, are their bottles and the inclusion of 2 tobacco e juices.

It’s not easy to find out what consumers think about Vintage E-Liquids: they must be fairly new and there are few reviews. Packaging alone is likely to garner them a lot of attention; companies pay a lot of attention to this detail knowing customers expect quality to extend as far as the bottle’s label. Good juice is important, but entertaining images also appeal.

Gallery Vape

A shelf full of e juice bottles is a bit like an art gallery. Collectors, artists, and connoisseurs regard many things as art, including e juice labels. Many of these are original works of beauty or complexity in their own right. They explore artistry as contemporary society knows it: tattoos, graffiti, cartoons, and more traditional media.

Gallery Vape E Juice bottle labels combine art and artists of the past with a modern perspective on what art really is. It’s as though they’re making a statement about the artistry behind e juice: how valuable it is for there to be artisans who don’t make e liquid in labs; who arrange common flavors in unique ways. Here is a look at Gallery Vape E Juice.

Gallery vape flavorsThe Flavors

There are just 5 flavors to consider: Bon Vivant, Delirium, Farmer’s Daughter, Fresh Prince, and Penthouse Dreams. In each, we are challenged to consider what art is or could be.

The makers of Gallery did not choose traditional works:

  • Bon Vivant features an artist’s rendering of Andy Warhol, his hair bright yellow.
  • Delirium honors the legendary Salvador Dali painting of a stork-legged elephant. His face is on the label too, complete with long skinny mustache.
  • Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and her faithful dog Toto meet a fireman on Farmer’s Daughter.

Perhaps mixologists at Gallery Vape were wondering what would happen today if Dorothy was caught in a cyclone: would emergency intervention have saved her from a scary adventure in the Emerald City? Al Capone’s mug is on the cover of Fresh Prince. Penthouse Dreams portrays a pornographic image, but is it porn? Could this be art?

I imagine the makers of this juice putting the question to customers: how far can artists go and still maintain that their work is, indeed, “art?”


If you are a man or woman of leisure then you are sure to like Bon Vivant: a sweet and sour pineapple pairing. There isn’t anything else, just pineapple, which is about as unusual as finding an Andy Warhol original in your basement.

POG Hawaiian fruit juice was the inspiration for Delirium. Those who know it will call to mind that heady mixture of guava, passion fruit, and orange instantly.

If Dorothy was a vaper, she would vape peaches and cream. There’s something homey and traditional about this flavor which makes it perfect for the farm-girl next door.

Al Capone, on the other hand, would vape a fruity cereal. We aren’t told which one but I’ll guess it is the colored, circular kind.

If you drink Kentucky bourbon steeped in an oak barrel and mixed with sweet/salty caramel plus vanilla and custard, you would probably have scary Penthouse Dreams. Vaping this combo is probably safer.


Did the makers of Gallery Vape E Juice find inspiration from other e juice artists as well as visual artists from the past century? In some cases it’s possible. At the very least they, like others, felt an urge to recreate foods and drinks they know and love.

Crave is the only other company I have found which also recreates POG. Gentleman’s Reserve by Steam Co. provides complexity similar to that found in Penthouse Dreams. So does Five Pawns with Castle Long. One very big difference is that both of these also contain coconut, but they are all Kentucky-bourbon liquids.

Loads of vapeologists have created their own blends of peaches and cream. Ruckus made one. So did Seduce Juice with Peach Gobbler. At Space Jam, it’s known as Omega.

In light of these and other sophisticated mixtures, I found it refreshing to see a simple pineapple e juice. This is hard to find among hand-crafted e liquids.

Buy Gallery Vape E Juice

While I was on the site for Gallery Vape E Juice, I saw Zamplebox mentioned a few times. This is where you are most likely to encounter Gallery for the first time.

For one thing, their liquids are expensive: $24.99 for 30 ml with just 0, 3, and 6 mg per/ml of nicotine. Secondly, they only sell through distributors of which there aren’t that many yet.

If you buy a subscription to Zamplebox, this is an excellent way to save money on an experimental flavor, although you might never be able to afford a bottle sold outside of the subscription service.

Mt Baker Vapor

Back in the days when this wasn’t a company but just two men working out of a van, Mt Baker Vapor sold e juice and delivered it personally to their customers. They carried a few pieces of hardware, but most of their time was spent marketing and selling homemade e juice.

Today, Mt Baker Vapor is so successful they sell products online and also from a shop in Lynden, Washington. That shop began with an idea Jesse and James had back in 2011 and is the fruition of dedication and teamwork.

Mt Baker Vapor E Juice

The number of flavors advertised on their website just keeps growing, but best-sellers are not the same month after month. Hawk Sauce was the juice back in the day. When the alarming colors of their GWAR line came out, some of these styles caught up with Hawk Sauce. Besides, vapers’ tastes simply change. I will look at their selection generally before delving into a few flavors more deeply.

Best Sellers

Bloodbath from the GWAR line is one of the top sellers along with Admiral Berry Crunch (cereal) and Cinnamon Roll. Bloodbath sounds and looks gross but is in fact just tropical fruit with red food coloring (available without coloring as well).

Mt Baker Vapor Specialty

Here are some of the special flavors Mt Baker Vapor has devised for their clients. Apfelstrudel, Arctic Heat, Cinnamon Toast Munch, and Constable Coconut’s Cookie seem to represent the pulse of their patrons. Guabana Berry (guava, banana, strawberry) and French Toast do a good job of keeping the crowds happy too.

Nut and Spice

The list is short but Mt Baker Vapor felt the following items deserved their own sub-heading. Cinnamon Roll is found here with Hazelnut and Peanut Butter.


Drink Pink Champagne without becoming tipsy. Sip coffee and don’t get a caffeine buzz (although nicotine will take care of that). Ecto Cooler tastes like a sweet drink you loved when you were a kid and a fan of Ghostbusters. While you guzzled a juice-like drink, your parents poured tiny glasses of Irish Cream (also sold here sans alcohol).

Customize Juice

As for the other flavors, customers select nicotine, bottle size (as low as $3.99 for 15 ml), propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin (up to max-VG or 80% PG), and have the option to ask for flavor shots costing from 25 cents each. Juices are made from USP products and bases which they also sell to clients who want to make liquid at home. Buy the flavorless base or an extract.

Build Your Own Juice

Before VaporFi, Mt Baker Vapor invited their customers to build a liquid starting from the ground up. They could choose from up to 5 flavors and select their favorite ratio of PG and VG (which they can also do with pre-existing flavors). Clients also determine how many parts out of a 15 ml (or larger) bottle each flavor should represent. They don’t have to be equally balanced. Really interesting flavors might find their way to the menu.

On Sale

Several items are on the chopping board and are close to selling out at severely slashed prices. These include 555 Menthol, Amaretto, Blue Drake, and Crème de Menthe. The list is too long to duplicate here. Certain items are on the block but stock is sufficient to smother any panic for now.


Vapers will also find that hardware by trusted names like Innokin is sold at very affordable and competitive prices at Mt Baker Vapor.

Halo Purity E-Juice

I love several things about Halo Purity E Juice, not least of which is that this is great juice but affordable at the same time. I get sick of reading prices like $0.90 to $1 per milliliter of e liquid that is no better than this e liquid which is priced more affordably.

Halo’s tag is $5.99 for 7 ml or $19.99 for 30 ml. In other words, as long as you buy the big bottle, you are only paying 67 cents per milliliter. Small bottles are always a bit on the expensive side, but here is what you get for your dollar.

Excellent Standards

Halo is a well-known American e-cig company and these firms are more likely to make juice in a lab than many of the small gourmet e juice companies. Halo Purity is blended in a lab environment where primary phases are supervised by a chemist. Best-before dates and lot numbers are stamped on every bottle. Diacetyl is never used in their formulae which contain USP and FEMA/GRAS ingredients. Halo is also an award-winning label.

The company chose blue bottles with childproof caps containing drippers. Dark blue was chosen to protect e liquids from the damaging effects of UV rays which could alter the chemistry of ingredients, especially nicotine. Order an individual bottle (which isn’t the best value since you pay for shipping), try a selection, or ask for a sample pack from one of the three categories found here.

Halo tobacco flavorsTobacco Flavors

Many Halo Purity flavors contain tobacco. In fact, the subheading which provides the longest list of styles is “tobacco” while “gourmet” leads to just 6 flavors; menthol/mint to only 5.

Thanks to their flavor profile, Halo wins my vote as one of the most responsible vape companies around, choosing not to win customers over with fruits that might attract non-smokers.

Among the 14 tobacco varieties is their newest one: Black Calico. It’s a Danish pipe blend containing Cavendish with vanilla bean. Cordoba’s wood-smoked tobacco is complemented by sweet and salty caramel.

Try dry, rough tobacco with Captain Jack, named for a harsh pirate captain. LongHorn is rich and fire cured like a light Corojo/Cavendish cigar. With HX3, sweet dry tobacco mixes with menthol.

Menthol Flavors

Menthol X is an unusual offering. I rarely see “eucalyptus” style juices, but when they are done well any thoughts of cough medicine are overwhelmed by sophistication. Here the combo contains peppermint, menthol, and smooth tobacco. If all you want is crisp, simple menthol, Cool Mist is what you were looking for all along.


Mint and chocolate have always gone together, but there are cheap candies and gourmet variations. Shamrock combines Corsican mint with dark chocolate for a rich finish that is not too sweet. Espresso and peppermint are emphasized by the nutty continuo of macadamia plus a hint of caramel in Twisted Java.

Where to Buy Halo Purity E Liquids

First of all, you can buy these liquids directly from the vendor. Their website contains these and other flavors: more than 20 in total. Secondly, you can buy them from selected vendors around the country. Thirdly, some of them are contained in pre-filled cartomizers offered with G6 starter kits.

If you are visiting Halo’s website anyway, you might be looking for new mod equipment. They only cater to the new/intermediate audience with their mini cig and the Triton Tank System. Customers don’t have to be new or inexperienced vapers to shop here however.

Start an account just to buy their juice for your other mods. The Halo team knows you will like their e liquid. They are so confident they offer to throw in a bottle of Tribeca tobacco with every order valued at over $20.

Vape Juice For Dripping And Cloud Chasing

An atomizer known as an RDA or dripping atomizer is designed for use with thick juices which are dripped onto the atomizer deck a little at a time. You don’t fill a tank and keep puffing until the liquid runs out. RDA liquids are known to be generally thick owing to their percentage of vegetable glycerin.

They are perfect for use with sub ohm mods like the Sigelei 100W or VaporShark DNA. Tank atomizers with sub-ohm capacity were also designed for this purpose. How do you spot a good dripping or cloud chasing e-juice from the hundreds of available labels?

Spotting Good Juice

Making clouds is something you can do with any device using any juice, but some are wispy and some are meteorological phenomena. It is always best to go with a juice that has a high level of vegetable glycerin so your clouds are sure to thicken up no matter what type of mod you use from eGo to 50W box.

Several companies supply dripping lines side-by-side with their regular e juices. VaporFi, for instance, has created their Artisan e juice for this purpose and to cater to a cloud-chasing audience. These clients would probably be using the Rebel II tube mod or Vox.

Charlie Noble’s Admiral’s Reserve was made for this purpose and some entire brands are devoted to the sub-ohm culture. The label will indicate that this is a dripping juice or perfect for RDAs. Velvet Vapors offers the choice: select natural, regular, or vegetable glycerin e liquids. Most of their flavors are available in any format.

A number of companies provide custom juice blending and the option to change your propylene glycol (PG)/vegetable glycerin (VG) base. Indicate if you want all PG, Max-VG, or a level in-between. Expect RDA e liquids to be bottled in glass, to be made in smaller batches than the usual stuff, and to cost a bit more than regular liquids. If you paid about $12 for 15 ml, that’s average.

Top RDA Juices

Everyone’s list is a little bit different from everyone else’s but it’s likely your top 10 would not include liquids made by mini cig companies (except maybe Halo Purity or Apollo), cheap single-flavor blends from your e cig vendor, or Chinese juice. Overall, you can expect a gourmet liquid to be ideal for dripping and any juice which is mostly sweet could be a good fit for this purpose too.

Expect a lot of e-juices for dripping to contain cream, custard, or baked goods in the profile, and even alcohol flavors too. VG carries the sweetness of a flavor better than PG but isn’t as great for getting that hit at the back of your throat which is associated with tobacco styles and propylene glycol.

Gourmet finds include Space Jam, Cosmic Fog, Gemini, Alice in Vapeland, and Five Pawns. There are loads of others too: Villain Vapors, Ruckus, and Kind E-Juice are just a few other options out of dozens.


Firebrand Liquitine

Firebrand’s regular line has been given quite a boost by a selection of eight high-VG flavors of which one, surprisingly, are tobacco varieties. We see this too rarely in the gourmet side of the industry, so it’s great when someone embraces the traditional, comforting flavors of pipe tobacco et al. You will find tobacco in Crixus, a nutty style of e juice.

Buy: http://www.firebrandamerican.com



ANML Looper

Daredevil is a lot like Carnage by ANML, another great dripping juice. Their other flavor is Looper: similar to a fruity breakfast cereal. Both of them feature carnivorous beasts on their labels and there is hope they will come up with something new in the near future.


CRFT E-Juice

At CRFT, they are only interested in high-quality ingredients and come up with unique mixtures like Trail Mix. This one really tastes like seeds, nuts, and fruit. Their Strawberry Blonde is another winner bringing to mind thoughts of creamy strawberry.

Namber Epiclouds

Namber epiclouds

At Namber, they came up with the Epiclouds line developed specially for cloud chasers. Pick up strawberry candy (Strawberry Circus) or Doughnut Pounder (glazed donut). Try the unique Glacier Banana in which you will discover what happens when menthol and banana unite.

The Standard

The Standard e juice

At The Standard, vapologists like to keep their clients in the dark. You don’t even know what you are getting with some flavors. It takes a few brave souls to try out juices and report their findings in reviews. Alternatively, you could wind up with one of the mystery types in your subscription box. If so, see this as an opportunity to venture into the unknown. As for Tater, that’s a chocolate style unlike anything your mini cig cartomizer refill could ever produce. Do you like Banana without menthol? Curious Jorge would be just the ticket.

Vaping Birdy

Vaping Birdy

Cream-based juices are meant to be thick on your palate as though you really are drinking cream. The skill required to create this impression is impressive and they have lots of skill over and over at Vaping Birdy. Try an Empress Penguin or an Emperor Penguin. The Emperor is straight-up condensed milk. His Empress, being sweeter and more feminine, adds strawberries to hers. Bald Eagle blends toffee, chocolate, and coffee into a rich, bold e liquid. Try Crème a la Vanille or, in English, vanilla cream.

Goodlife Vapor

Good Life Vapor

Melon Boba, Sour Burma, and Baja Breeze are all fruity, but they do not lack anything when it comes to clouds. At Goodlife, they also create several tobacco e juices so the tobacco fan doesn’t have to give up his favorite flavor to enjoy clouds. He can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Adirondack Vapor

Adirondack Vapor

Here is one of the most widely acclaimed e juices in the country, but not one carried by the same huge list of vendors as, say, Five Pawns. A frustrating lack of local supply might mean you have not tried this vapor juice before, but Adirondack makes excellent fruity e liquid that is well worth saving for a special occasion (like launching or adding a new box mod to your collection).

9 South Vapes

A company called 9 South Vapes from Toms River, New Jersey, blends fashion and e juice into a kind of commercial hybrid. Their style is street savvy and youthful and their juices convey the same ethos.

I would almost say at times that they take themselves too seriously; they are trying too hard to be fashionable, different, new, and cool. On the other hand, at least 9 South Vapes tries to be unique. They are not the cookie-cutter vape store your daddy uses.

Cereal KillaCereal Killa

You have probably heard of Cereal Killa e juice: it’s a bit of a cult classic around the vape world, if something so new can be considered a classic. Other lines by 9 South Vapes are The Faction, Black Label, and Signature Series. Certain “brands” seen here contain lists of apparel: hats and clothing.

Cereal Killa is a dripping juice containing 90% vegetable glycerin. It comes in a 30-ml glass bottle priced $16.99 (if you buy it directly from 9 South Vapes). As you would imagine with a dripping juice, the top is a squeezable dripping lid.

Cereal Killa recalls fruity breakfast cereal with milk and gets rave reviews. The nicotine level is 0.4%. Other juices cost the same and the price is very good where gourmet e liquids are concerned.

Maybe it has something to do with being from New Jersey: even though their image is a bit contrived, these guys are still grounded. If they weren’t, these bottles would cost $22 like other gourmet styles.

Faction E Juice by 9 South Vapes

Some kind of e juice celebrity devised BudTat2 MK Ultra. I guess his street name is BudTat2 but I am not hip enough to get it. His 75 VG/25 PG liquid with 3 mg of nicotine is available for pre-order as we speak and will taste like a creamy dessert plus a drop of citrus. Use it for dripping: I think this guy is a famous cloud chaser or something.

9 South Black Label SilkBlack Label Vapor Juice

This is a four-bottle selection comprised of Human Farm, Silk, Tear Drops, and Obscura. Let’s get Tear Drops out of the way because it is not a flavor but a palate cleanser; an item rarely seen on vape juice e-shelves. You vape this to transition between opposite styles of vapor: certain fruits and tobaccos or desserts and savory flavors; rich fruits vs. citrus fruits.

Human Farm tastes like slow cooked custard with brown sugar, banana, and spice. Silk is ripe strawberries, heavy cream, and tropical fruit. With Obscura, you’re getting a blend of light honey and citrus in the style of Southern sweet tea. All of these cost the same as above and contain 90% VG at 0.4% nicotine.

Signature Series

Here we have just three flavors with a 90/10 ratio once again and 0.4% nicotine: very low, just enough for a touch of throat hit with these otherwise sweet and thick flavors. Evil Pumpkin, Toasted, and Quick are your three styles choices.

Evil Pumpkin blends the spiciness of Chai tea with pumpkin for an autumnal result. I wouldn’t call it evil unless that pumpkin lived a double life. You could say that Toasted qualifies as a breakfast vape: French Toast with cinnamon and maple syrup, but lighter because it’s just vapor. With Quick, you are getting a drink-style vape familiar to anyone from a certain era. The flavor is light chocolate with strawberry. You have formed a picture now, I am sure, one in which a certain rabbit plays a part (and not the one from Alice in Wonderland).

Flavor Review

It’s not that all of these styles are incredibly original: I’ve seen lots of flavors fashioned from the inspiration of powdered sweet milky drinks, custard, cereal, and Southern sweet tea. In particular, cereal type e juices are on the rise. Custard is on the wane.

ANML’s “Looper” is a cereal vape of notoriety. You could vape a custard flavor by Charlie Noble and many others, or perhaps a Crème Brulee type of juice which is similar and seen at Strix Elixirs et al. All of these companies do an excellent job of simulating various flavors found in grocery stores and gourmet menus into flavorful e juice and they would definitely form a solid part of 9 South Vapes’ competition.

Strawberry milk is another flavor done again and again but 9 South threw a spanner in the works by adding chocolate. I’m sure lots of enterprising vapers have already done that by mixing chocolate e liquid with Unicorn Milk, Ichigo, or Mother’s Milk, but if not, here is your chance to find out what it tastes like. Besides, with prices for 30-ml bottles in the desirable range, these are cost effective products.

9 south apparelPlus Apparel

A number of e juice companies carry a few shirts or hats, but they take things a bit further at 9 South Vapes. You could dress like a fan and still be “street hip.” I’m not sure what I think about this conflation of fashion and vape juice but if it works, why not?

My main concern is that there is already a hue and cry regarding young people and e cigs. The audience they seem to be aiming at is probably under 30, if not under 25. I wouldn’t be surprised if an even younger group was attracted to their ball caps, shirts, and juice.

At least they don’t try to sell e juice with the help of 9 South “girls” and cleavage so there’s something to be said for taste and self-control. They have definitely caught on to how vaping is becoming its own subculture. Perhaps some of the folks over at 9 South even pioneered some of it.