9 South Vapes

A company called 9 South Vapes from Toms River, New Jersey, blends fashion and e juice into a kind of commercial hybrid. Their style is street savvy and youthful and their juices convey the same ethos.

I would almost say at times that they take themselves too seriously; they are trying too hard to be fashionable, different, new, and cool. On the other hand, at least 9 South Vapes tries to be unique. They are not the cookie-cutter vape store your daddy uses.

Cereal KillaCereal Killa

You have probably heard of Cereal Killa e juice: it’s a bit of a cult classic around the vape world, if something so new can be considered a classic. Other lines by 9 South Vapes are The Faction, Black Label, and Signature Series. Certain “brands” seen here contain lists of apparel: hats and clothing.

Cereal Killa is a dripping juice containing 90% vegetable glycerin. It comes in a 30-ml glass bottle priced $16.99 (if you buy it directly from 9 South Vapes). As you would imagine with a dripping juice, the top is a squeezable dripping lid.

Cereal Killa recalls fruity breakfast cereal with milk and gets rave reviews. The nicotine level is 0.4%. Other juices cost the same and the price is very good where gourmet e liquids are concerned.

Maybe it has something to do with being from New Jersey: even though their image is a bit contrived, these guys are still grounded. If they weren’t, these bottles would cost $22 like other gourmet styles.

Faction E Juice by 9 South Vapes

Some kind of e juice celebrity devised BudTat2 MK Ultra. I guess his street name is BudTat2 but I am not hip enough to get it. His 75 VG/25 PG liquid with 3 mg of nicotine is available for pre-order as we speak and will taste like a creamy dessert plus a drop of citrus. Use it for dripping: I think this guy is a famous cloud chaser or something.

9 South Black Label SilkBlack Label Vapor Juice

This is a four-bottle selection comprised of Human Farm, Silk, Tear Drops, and Obscura. Let’s get Tear Drops out of the way because it is not a flavor but a palate cleanser; an item rarely seen on vape juice e-shelves. You vape this to transition between opposite styles of vapor: certain fruits and tobaccos or desserts and savory flavors; rich fruits vs. citrus fruits.

Human Farm tastes like slow cooked custard with brown sugar, banana, and spice. Silk is ripe strawberries, heavy cream, and tropical fruit. With Obscura, you’re getting a blend of light honey and citrus in the style of Southern sweet tea. All of these cost the same as above and contain 90% VG at 0.4% nicotine.

Signature Series

Here we have just three flavors with a 90/10 ratio once again and 0.4% nicotine: very low, just enough for a touch of throat hit with these otherwise sweet and thick flavors. Evil Pumpkin, Toasted, and Quick are your three styles choices.

Evil Pumpkin blends the spiciness of Chai tea with pumpkin for an autumnal result. I wouldn’t call it evil unless that pumpkin lived a double life. You could say that Toasted qualifies as a breakfast vape: French Toast with cinnamon and maple syrup, but lighter because it’s just vapor. With Quick, you are getting a drink-style vape familiar to anyone from a certain era. The flavor is light chocolate with strawberry. You have formed a picture now, I am sure, one in which a certain rabbit plays a part (and not the one from Alice in Wonderland).

Flavor Review

It’s not that all of these styles are incredibly original: I’ve seen lots of flavors fashioned from the inspiration of powdered sweet milky drinks, custard, cereal, and Southern sweet tea. In particular, cereal type e juices are on the rise. Custard is on the wane.

ANML’s “Looper” is a cereal vape of notoriety. You could vape a custard flavor by Charlie Noble and many others, or perhaps a Crème Brulee type of juice which is similar and seen at Strix Elixirs et al. All of these companies do an excellent job of simulating various flavors found in grocery stores and gourmet menus into flavorful e juice and they would definitely form a solid part of 9 South Vapes’ competition.

Strawberry milk is another flavor done again and again but 9 South threw a spanner in the works by adding chocolate. I’m sure lots of enterprising vapers have already done that by mixing chocolate e liquid with Unicorn Milk, Ichigo, or Mother’s Milk, but if not, here is your chance to find out what it tastes like. Besides, with prices for 30-ml bottles in the desirable range, these are cost effective products.

9 south apparelPlus Apparel

A number of e juice companies carry a few shirts or hats, but they take things a bit further at 9 South Vapes. You could dress like a fan and still be “street hip.” I’m not sure what I think about this conflation of fashion and vape juice but if it works, why not?

My main concern is that there is already a hue and cry regarding young people and e cigs. The audience they seem to be aiming at is probably under 30, if not under 25. I wouldn’t be surprised if an even younger group was attracted to their ball caps, shirts, and juice.

At least they don’t try to sell e juice with the help of 9 South “girls” and cleavage so there’s something to be said for taste and self-control. They have definitely caught on to how vaping is becoming its own subculture. Perhaps some of the folks over at 9 South even pioneered some of it.

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